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…1996). Given this, any definition of individual expertise needs to incorporate information on actual performance as indicated in outcomes. Outcome as expertise criterion Client outcome might seem the ultimate definition of expertise. Indeed, it would seem curious to claim expertise… Search hits: 55 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 16425.4

…alliance, and a moderate relationship between MCCs and psychotherapy outcomes ( r = .29). This association between clients’ ratings of therapist MCC and psychotherapy outcomes is supported by similar findings in the empirical literature, such as the association between therapist… Search hits: 28 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 8449.04

…flaw was noted when a meta-analytic study compared individual psychotherapy outcomes in one study with group psychotherapy outcomes in another. This is problematic for several reasons. For instance, when comparing outcomes across studies, therapists are often compared who work at… Search hits: 21 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 6381.09

…with better outcomes (Brown & Jones, 2022c). The current study expands on how engagement in therapeutic work—or using platform resources—impacts clinical outcomes. This study evaluates how outcomes vary by the extent to which each lesson in a clinical module is… Search hits: 19 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 6026.58

Jan 4, 2015

…reduce dropout rates and improve psychotherapy outcomes (Murphy, Thompson, Murray, Rainey, & Uddo, 2009). 4. Be Flexible in Treatment Planning Strict adherence to a theoretical model results in poor outcomes, whereas adherence flexibility is associated with positive outcomes (Henry, Strupp,… Search hits: 18 in body, 1 in tags, 2 in comments. Score: 5967.5

…Concretely, some psychotherapists consistently produce positive symptom and functioning outcomes with most of their psychotherapy patients, other psychotherapists produce positive outcomes with certain types of patients and less positive outcomes with others, and a significant minority of psychotherapists consistently evidence… Search hits: 19 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 5613

…years post-therapy was 1.45. Low drop-out rate and extending client outcome to include enduring client outcome (i.e., outcomes that are maintained for some defined follow-up period) could be considered as additional criteria for expertise. Given the good client-outcome of the… Search hits: 18 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 5494.83

Apr 15, 2019

…training in self care and IPE on client outcomes, rather than only focusing on the trainee outcomes Finally, given that studies have tended to rely on qualitative data, researchers are encouraged to incorporate empirical research utilizing quantitative outcomes in the… Search hits: 18 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 5317.57

…1,467) examining client attachment and psychotherapy outcome. Overall, they reported that clients with higher attachment anxiety scores showed the least improvement in symptoms, whereas more secure clients had more favorable outcomes. Somewhat unexpectedly, client attachment avoidance was not significantly associated… Search hits: 16 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 5317.57

…for treating depression, researchers have found that clinician engagement in measurement-based care (MBC) can further enhance outcomes (Bugatti et al., 2022; Lambert et al., 2018; Miller et al., 2015). MBC consists of the routine treatment outcomes monitoring, which is indicative… Search hits: 15 in body, 3 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 4963.07