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Internet Editor

Amy Ellis, Ph.D.


Dr. Ellis is an Assistant Professor in the undergraduate psychology department at Albizu University. She is also a Clinical Supervisor and the Research Design and Statistical Consultant to the Trauma Resolution and Integration Program (TRIP) at Nova Southeastern University, a community mental health center clinic that applies a contextual approach to treating and understanding survivors of prolonged childhood sexual and physical abuse.

Additional Information

Dr. Ellis received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Adelphi University and her undergraduate degree from Hofstra University. Dr. Ellis completed her predoctoral internship at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, a Harvard University affiliate and her postdoctoral residency at the Renfrew Center of Coconut Creek.

Dr. Ellis practices from a contextual model grounded in relational theory. Her research and clinical interests include the application of attachment theory to a wide range of topics, including trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, parenting, and models of supervision. Her clinical, research, and supervisory endeavors converge in her work at the Trauma Resolution & Integration Program (TRIP) at Nova Southeastern University.

She is a full-time faculty member at Albizu University where she teaches courses in research design and methodology, abnormal psychology, and statistics.

You can read more on her website at

Associate Editor for Website Content

Kourtney Lavallee


Kourtney Schroeder is the Associate Editor for Website Content at the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, where she works on the strategic design of the website and advancement of digital outreach. She graduated from the University of Florida, with Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies. She is currently working on a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.