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Advancement of Psychotherapy

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
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Why Join Division 29?

We’re the only APA division that is dedicated to the advancement and survival of psychotherapy.

We consider ourselves to be the home for all psychologists and mental health professionals interested in psychotherapy

So if you are a psychotherapy practitioner, researcher, theoretician, trainer, clinical supervisor, or student, welcome home!

Why “be connected” to us?

Get complimentary access to psychotherapy

Access to grants and scholarships

Influence state and national legislation

Stay up-to-date on what matters to you

Thrive, even if you’re just starting out...

...Or if you’re looking to stay sharp.

Publish your ideas... And get noticed

All for less than the cost of this week’s lunch:

Our membership fee is only $40 per year ($20 for students).

If you’re already in the APA, a subscription to Psychotherapy alone would cost $77 a year ($150/year for non-members!) Division 29 members get Psychotherapy free.

So do the math!

Get access to Psychotherapy, plus all the benefits of our Division, for less than what APA members already pay.

If you are a student, the cost differential is even better.

And if you’re not a member of APA, the savings are significant!

We are excited to “be connected” with you!

Apply as a new member!

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