2015 • September

Jeremy Holmes (2014) offers here a book, rich with the wisdom of an experienced clinician, that celebrates the imagination as an essential component of the psychotherapeutic process, using examples from literature to provide insight into important aspects of clinical work. He argues that literature and psychodynamic therapy share an “aesthetics” based upon a “paradoxical combination […]

Sep 25, 2015

The release of the Hoffman Report several weeks before the APA convention immediately precipitated worried conversations about what it meant for our Association as well as about appropriate responses going forward. Many psychologists were concerned simply with understanding what had happened and what it meant; some quickly moved to propose answers (among the many thoughtful […]

Informed by the author’s 37 years of clinical experience with transgender individuals, this article presents an introductory model for clinicians who provide depth psychotherapy to this population. The author points out that primary concerns of transgender individuals in psychotherapy are often the same as most people; yet developing their transgender self without the “mirroring” from […]

Sep 22, 2015

When Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) are asked what they want from the professional organizations to which they belong, the answer almost always includes “mentorship.” Yet, mentoring programs can be difficult to get moving off the ground. Perhaps one reason for this is that while it sounds simple in theory, mentorship is actually a complicated endeavor […]

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Sep 17, 2015

As the family play therapy session drew to a close, my young patient, Madison*, began to begrudgingly return the dollhouse to its usual orderly state and place the simplistic wooden figures back into their bedrooms with care.  I remember smiling and playfully nudging Madison to action while patiently listening to a brief, but passionate, protest […]

Sep 13, 2015

Consider the following scenario: a client you have been working with for over a year comes into your office and says “I have something to tell you—I’ve been waiting to let you know for a long time. I am a trans man and I would like your help to transition.” Of course, first reactions from […]