2016 • April

On an unremarkable day, I walked out to the waiting room to meet a new client for an intake session. Right away, I saw that Eileen was pretty much a carbon copy of me. Same height, hair color, eye color, and even body type. During our interview, I realized that beyond our physical similarities, Eileen and […]

Many publishers and Editors send targeted emails to invite authors to submit a manuscript to their journals. Such emails are common. Hiding among them may be journals and publishers whose credentials are questionable. Such journals and publishers are referred to as ‘predatory’. They send spam emails to potential authors, solicit submissions with misleading promises, and […]

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Introduction Are you any good as a therapist? Overall, therapists seem to be quite a confident group. A study by Walfish, McAllister, O’Donnell, and Lambert (2012) asked 129 therapists to compare their psychotherapy results to those of their peers. They found that 25% of the therapists estimated that their results were in the upper 10% […]