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Evidence-based practice in psychology has been defined as the integration of the best available research, clinical expertise, and the individual client’s characteristics, values, and preferences (APA, 2006). This definition suggests that psychotherapists should be able, and willing, to integrate techniques from different theoretical orientations based on the context. Although integration is important, it is also […]

Adding to the neurological research findings on the benefits of meditation, a recent study found that long-term meditators who are age 50 and older have a younger brain age than non-meditators (Luders, Cherbuin, & Gaser, 2016). Using a validated approach based on high-dimensional pattern recognition, brains of meditators were found to be 7.5 years younger […]

Clinical Notes with Dr. J …Initially rap was America’s informal CNN because when Rap records came out somebody from far away could listen to a Rap record because it uses so many descriptive words and get a visual picture from what was being said…Rap is now a worldwide phenomenon. Rap is the CNN for young […]

The importance of group composition – the particular blend of patient characteristics in a therapy group – is widely recognized by group psychotherapists.  Skilled clinicians try to have an ideal composition in mind when selecting patients for group therapy.  Notwithstanding such ideals, the task of selecting group members is complicated by the fact that no […]

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a form of CBT that has been adapted to reduce maladaptive behaviors while changing individuals’ beliefs and perceptions about his or her own depressive thoughts (as cited in Bell, 2015). MBCT may be a useful intervention for diverse populations. Consequently, Bell investigated the effects of mindfulness meditation on anxiety, depression, […]

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Did you know? Every other Sunday, the Society publishes web-only content that can’t be found anywhere else. Check out our top 5 articles for the 2016 year: Top 2016 Psychotherapy Web-Only Article #1: Top 10 Things Learned After Two Decades of Tracking Client Treatment Progress Top 2016 Psychotherapy Web-Only Article #2: Therapist Characteristics that Impact Outcome Top […]

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Announcement about the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy’s Bulletin The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy is going green! We’ll be publishing and mailing two more issues of the Bulletin before moving to our online-only format. You will still be able to get the same great content, in the same great format. When will […]

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