2017 • June

Psychotherapists are becoming busier every day and are constantly trying to manage the many different responsibilities they have with the increase in demand for psychological services.  Responsibilities can include assessment, treatment planning, clinical preparation, individual therapy, group therapy, case management, case consultation, documentation, coordinating care, supervision, training, and outreach.  One setting that has been heavily […]

Sigmund Freud originally described psychological resistance as a phenomenon wherein patients unconsciously “cling to their disease” through “tenacious” and “critical objections” in order to repress distressing thoughts, emotions and experiences as they are raised by the therapist (Freud, 1904; 1920; 1940). This understanding—a somewhat patronizing view that pitted expert doctor against oblivious patient—persisted in the […]

Jun 11, 2017

Termination of the Therapy Relationship As with all relationships, a therapeutic relationship has a beginning and an end. The end of a therapeutic relationship often offers an opportunity for the therapist and client to engage in the termination process, which can include looking back on the course of treatment, helping the client plan ahead and […]

Abstract Literature has shown the importance of mentalizing techniques in symptom remission and emotional understanding; however, no study to date has looked at the dynamic relations between mental state talk and affect regulation in the psychotherapy process. From a psychodynamic perspective, the emergence of the child’s capacity to regulate affect through the therapist’s reflection on […]

Thursday, August 3rd Symposium (A): Supervision—Master Supervisors of Various Orientations Show and Discuss Their Supervision Session Videos 9:00 AM – 10:50 AM /Convention Center Room 152B Chair: Hanna Levenson, PhD Participants: Cory F. Newman, PhD; John C. Norcross, PhD; Carol A. Falender, PhD Discussant: Hanna Levenson, PhD Poster Session (F): Psychotherapy—Science, Practice and Advances–II           11:00 AM – 11:50 […]

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Thoughts and Insights from Asia Professor Jiang from Oriental Insight invited a delegation from SAP leadership (Drs. Changming Duan, Armand Cerbone, Rod Goodyear, and me) to present at Oriental Insight’s conference entitled “Supervision and Ethics: The conference of professionalization of psychological counseling and therapy” this April in Wuhan, China. Dr. Carol Falender was also on […]

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