2018 • November

There is mounting evidence that individual psychotherapists have a notable impact on patient outcomes (whether measured globally or as specific outcome domains), accounting for about 3-7% of such variance across controlled trials and naturalistic settings (Baldwin & Imel, 2013). Moreover, most therapists possess relative strengths and weaknesses within their caseloads in terms of their domain-specific […]

1. Get out of the office, attend continuing education events and professional association conferences, and interact with colleagues. Don’t isolate yourself. Those who are more isolated professionally are at greater risk of poor decision-making and unethical practice over time (Knapp & VandeCreek, 2012). 2. Create a constellation of colleagues (Johnson, Barnett, Elman, Forrest, & Kaslow, […]

Dear Members of Division 29 (Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy), I am pleased to announce that upon recommendation of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Publications and Communications Board, with the concurrence of the President and Executive Committee, the Society’s Board of Directors has ratified the appointment of Dr. Jesse J. Owen to […]

SOCIETY MEMBERS! The Apportionment Ballot will be arriving soon from APA. This is your chance to make Division 29’s voice heard in the APA Council of Representatives—APA’s governing body. YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION!   Why? The Council makes decisions about policy, about APA’s stance on issues, and about the Association’s finances.  It is essential […]

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Proposed Changes to the Society’s Bylaws Membership Vote 11/9/2018 to 12/9/2018 Overview The Division 29 Board of Directors (BOD) unanimously recommends three distinct amendments to the bylaws of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (The Society), as outlined on the ballot below. The Society’s bylaws were last revised in April 2016. If you are […]

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