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The ethical issues involved in writing about clients are complex and were the topic of a recent special section of Psychotherapy, Division 29’s Journal (Samstag, 2012). The five papers in the series (Barnett, 2012; Blechner, 2012; Fischer, 2012; Sieck, 2012;... Search hits: 514 in body, 4 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 144312.42

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Apr 14, 2019

Case Study of Carolyn’s Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma (Some information has been changed for confidentiality purposes in the case study below) “The Universe is telling me something needs to change” Carolyn is a 26-year-old married female with no children. She... Search hits: 396 in body, 2 in tags, 17 in comments. Score: 112744.08

Apr 28, 2019

“I can choose to forgive rather than judge others and myself.” (Friedman, 2010) “Love holds no grievances ” (ACIM, W. L.68) This article is Part 2 of “Healing from Anxiety, Depression, Trauma: Using Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, and Energy Psychology while Tracking... Search hits: 352 in body, 5 in tags, 70 in comments. Score: 106842.41

Virtual Symposiums A Contextual Approach to Trauma Treatment: Correspondence With Emerging Research on Complex PTSD Chair: Steven N. Gold, PhD, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL Participants: Michael Quiñones, PhD, Independent Practice, Plantation, FL Title: Emerging Research on the Validity... Search hits: 364 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 101330.48

Counseling psychology has demonstrated a long-standing interest and respect for clinical supervision as a unique domain that warrants its own preparation for practice. Counseling psychologists have distinguished themselves in the supervision literature (e.g., Borders et al., 1991; Goodyear et al.,... Search hits: 301 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 84794.68

Negligence in treating men who display eating disorder (ED) symptomology begins with the history of the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). For example, in the DSM-IV-TR, to satisfy a diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa (AN),... Search hits: 287 in body, 5 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 80953.03

Freud (1913) invented the application of self-reflection to psychotherapy by making himself the subject and the object of the first therapy. He used one of his own dreams as the specimen dream in his breakthrough book, The Interpretation of Dreams,... Search hits: 243 in body, 3 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 68592.94

Jun 26, 2022

This article discusses the use of a digital assessment and tracking approach pre, during, and post COVID-19 to monitor changes in emotional stability, depression, anxiety, happiness, affect, life balance, beliefs, spiritual awakening, the working alliance, outcome, and helpfulness/benefits of... Search hits: 226 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 63804.8

Apr 15, 2019

I sat in an integrated primary care elective course during the third year of my doctoral program in counseling psychology, mesmerized by the opportunity of working in primary care as a behavioral health consultant. After my completing this primary care... Search hits: 218 in body, 3 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 61188.02

Nick: You’ve been selected as the recipient of the 2018 APA/APF gold medal award for life achievement in the application of psychology, which recognizes a distinguished career and enduring contribution to the advanced application of psychology through methods, research, and/or... Search hits: 215 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 59851.79