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Nov 22, 2023

…experience trauma themselves). A content course may define and describe trauma (types, signs, symptoms, prevalence), provide information about trauma-informed care (e.g., SAMHSA’s six guiding principles), and introduce trauma interventions. An academic course on trauma may or may not be trauma-informed… Search hits: 70 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 20999.17

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…specialists to provide trauma-informed care when necessary and incorporate trauma into the conceptualization of the client. More information on trauma informed care can be found here: It is more likely that an individual with trauma will present with OSFED… Search hits: 58 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 17646.36

…The ACORN Trauma Measure includes three trauma-specific items intended to give clinical insight into the possibility of trauma as well as monitor trauma-specific symptoms over the course of treatment. Results showed that correlated highly with the overall Global Distress Scale… Search hits: 54 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 16293.47

traumatization—chronic, repeated, and prolonged control by a society that is often traumatizing. By identifying the factors that potentially mitigate the resiliency towards trauma and discrimination of SGM, will allow for more informed and efficacious treatment to this underserved population. However,… Search hits: 35 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 10705.46

…we investigated differences in distress between students with a military-related trauma and students who had experienced trauma but had no previous military experience. We believed that it would be useful to explore the potentially unique effects of military-related trauma as… Search hits: 34 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 10587.82

…Mindfulness Practices for safe and transformative healing and offers online training programs, free virtual community calls, and a podcast about trauma-sensitive mindfulness Trauma-Informed Mindfulness with Teens by Sam Himelstein Mindfulness Skills for Trauma and PTSD: Practices for Recovery and Resilience… Search hits: 32 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 9999.6

…a family member, and breaking the human-animal bond. What is Traumatic Pet Loss? Traumatic pet loss, like trauma itself, does not have a widely-agreed upon meaning and can be interpreted differently by each person. Traumatic pet loss examples include unexpected… Search hits: 32 in body, 1 in tags, 1 in comments. Score: 9940.78

Aug 27, 2020

…practice and research circles, several terms are interchangeably used to describe the consequences of therapists’ indirect exposure to trauma. However, these terms – such as secondary traumatic stress (STS; Figley, 1995), vicarious trauma (McCann & Pearlman, 1990), and compassion fatigue… Search hits: 30 in body, 3 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 9587.85

Jun 1, 2022

…et al., 2009), can occur on interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels (e.g., Gomez, 2015). Examples of societal trauma include historical trauma, discrimination, and societal status (Bryant-Davis et al., 2010; Lindquist et al., 2013; Littleton & Ullman, 2013; Klest et al.,… Search hits: 24 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 7470.29

…children exposed to trauma. Recommended treatments include Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT; see Chadwick Center, 2004; Saunders, Berliner, and Hanson, 2004). While these treatments effectively reduce trauma-related symptoms,… Search hits: 23 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 7352.65