Distinguished Psychologist Award for Contributions to Psychology and Psychotherapy

2016 Award Recipient

Dr. Jeffrey Magnavita

Dr. Jeffrey Magnavita

Jeffrey J. Magnavita, Ph.D., ABPP has been in independent practice for over three decades and is a scholar in several areas of psychopathology and theory. Dr. David Barlow, in an endorsement for a recent volume, described Jeffrey as “…perhaps the most prominent psychologist in the broad area of mental health practice”. Dr. Magnavita has published broadly in the treatment of personality disorders, personality theory, psychopathology, and family systems, and has done pioneering work toward the unification of psychotherapy and the study of clinical science. He sought to develop a framework for unifying the various approaches to psychotherapy by distilling the essential components and methods of treatment. He is the founder of the Unified Psychotherapy Project (UPP) and the co-founder and current Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Unified Psychotherapy and Clinical Science, with Dr. Jack C. Anchin. One of his long-standing interests is the development of psychotherapedia™, a catalogue of techniques and methods of psychotherapy in an on-line format. Dr. Magnavita has served on the editorial boards of a number of leading journals. His latest volume with APA is entitled Clinical Decision Making in Mental Health Practice and he is currently completing Incorporating Technology in Mental Health Practice, also with APA. He has edited and written ten volumes, a number of which have been highly praised by reviewers. His approach to psychotherapy has been featured in two APA Psychotherapy videos.

Dr. Magnavita a fellow of APA and has been actively involved in advancing psychological science and psychotherapy for many years. He served a three-year term on the APA Practice Guideline Advisory Steering Committee and during his final year was appointed co-chair. He was president of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy in 2010 and has served in a variety of divisional roles including the Council of Representatives. In 2014 he was nominated and ran for President of APA. He has been recognized with numerous state and national awards for his pioneering work including the APA Distinguished Contributions to Independent Practice (2006) and Distinguished Psychologist of the Year Award from the Society of Psychologists in Independent Practice (2010). Dr. Magnavita created and hosted the on-line series Psychotherapists Face-to-Face a production Division 29.

Dr. Magnavita treats individuals, couples, and families in his offices in Glastonbury, CT and Orleans, MA, as well as offering telemental health treatment when deemed appropriate. More information at www.drjeffreymagnavita.com & www.unifiedpsychotherapyproject.com


The Distinguished Psychologist Award for Contributions to Psychology and Psychotherapy Award

This award was established in 1970 as the Distinguished Professional Award in Psychology and Psychotherapy.  At the Mid Winter meeting in 1984, the Board of Directors changed its name to Distinguished Psychologist Award for Contributions to Psychology and Psychotherapy.

The criteria for receipt of this award are loosely defined and are flexible in order to embrace the breadth of contributions that psychologists/psychotherapists make that distinguish them from their peers.  However, the following aspects of each candidate are considered in this order:

  • Length of time of service to psychotherapy
  • Membership in the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
  • Significance of contributions to the practice, research, and/or training in psychotherapy
  • Significance of contributions to the Division

Application materials should include:

  1. a nomination letter outlining the nominee’s career contributions (self-nominations are welcomed) and
  2. a current Curriculum Vitae.

Award recipients receive an honorarium of $500 and an award plaque from the Society at the Society’s Awards Ceremony at the APA Convention.

Deadline for nominations for this award is January 1, of each year, although the Awards Committee may grant extensions.


Letters of nomination outlining the nominee’s credentials and contributions (along with the nominee’s CV) should be emailed to the Chair of the Professional Awards Committee, Dr. Armand Cerbone at arcerbone@aol.com.

Previous Recipients

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2003 – Clara Hill & Charles J Gelso

2002 – Ronald F. Levant & Frank Dattillio

2001 – Lenore E Walker & Michael J Lambert

2000 – Marvin R Goldfried & Linda F Campbell

1999 – Ellen McGrath

1998 – David Orlinsky

1997 – Alvin R. Mahrer

1996 – Norman Abeles & Alice K. Rubenstein

1995 – Stanley Moldawsky & Harry Sands

1994 –Rachel Hare-Mustin

1993 – Patrick H. DeLeon

1992- Arnold A Lazarus

1991 – Donald K. Freedheim

1990 – Tommy T. Stigall

1989 – Jack G. Wiggins

1988 – Ernst G. Beier

1987 – Mathilda B. Canter

1986 – Ronald E. Fox

1985 – Stanley R. Graham

1984 – Robert A. Harper

1983 – Herbert J. Freudenberger

1982 – Arthur L. Kovacs

1981 – Carl N. Zimet

1980 – Jules Barron

1979 – Max Siegel

1978 – Jack D. Krasner

1977 – Gordon F. Derner

1976 – Nicholas A. Cummings

1975 – Sidney Jourard (Posthumous Award)

1974 – Haim Ginott (Posthumous Award)

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