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Please join us as we honor the 2019 Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Award Winners!  Our 2019 Awards Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, August 9th , 4:00 pm. Marriott Marquis Chicago Hotel Grand Horizon Ballroom G, during the APA Convention in Chicago, Illinois Armand Cerbone, PhD – 2019 Award Distinguished Psychologist Award Dr. Armand […]

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It has been said that a good psychotherapist is empathic, wise, supportive, collaborative, and knowledgeable.  Abraham W. Wolf, Ph.D., was all of that as a therapist because that’s who he was as a person.  Abe cared deeply, and it showed.  He cared about his patients.  He cared about his family.  He cared about his friends […]

Introduction To be in supervision for beginner therapists is a nerve-racking experience, which has the capacity to change the life of the trainee. Hyde (2015) describes beginner therapists as intelligent, gifted, and successful individuals who in supervision face scrutiny, which threatens their self-esteem and stirs up anxieties and defenses. She says, “In supervision, we feel […]

In late 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed that twin girls had been born from embryos he had created using genome editing (referred to as the “CRISPR babies” after the molecular tool used that may render them immune to HIV). Internationally, legal and ethical debates quickly began. There is a fear that other scientists will […]

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I sat in an integrated primary care elective course during the third year of my doctoral program in counseling psychology, mesmerized by the opportunity of working in primary care as a behavioral health consultant. After my completing this primary care elective and conducting brief psychotherapy for five years, I was convinced I would be prepared […]

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Meet Your SAP Diversity Domain Representative and Chair Manijeh Badiee, PhD, is a licensed counseling psychologist in California (License# PSY 30484). She has over 10 years of experience counseling clients of various backgrounds and specializes in women of color, LGBTQ individuals, and/or adolescents. Currently, she provides therapy services in a private practice setting. She is […]

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While an impressive amount of knowledge has been gathered so far from psychotherapy process and outcome research (see Lambert, 2013), there are still many unanswered questions and areas of needed additional attention. Some of these remaining questions focus on clarifying currently unanswered debates in the field; others represent ways to improve current outcomes; and some […]

Supervision will be introduced to students in many graduate cohorts as an aspect of their training they will both enjoy and endure. Framing it this way inherently leads students to start to question what they want in a supervisor. Some will think of the worst and ponder what it would be like to have a […]

Introduction Perceived safety in the supervisor-supervisee relationship can influence the level of supervisee self-disclosure (e.g., of mistakes, countertransference, or personal factors such as self-care; Gunn & Pistole, 2012), as well as supervisee outcomes (e.g., self-awareness and self-confidence in session with clients; Johnston & Milne, 2012; Wheeler & Richards, 2007). The development of safety in this […]

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Advocacy and clinical psychology are inseparable. All good psychologists advocate for their clients’ overall well-being, effective treatment, and access to needed resources. Given that larger societal issues impact the mental health of the individual, it is important that this advocacy role generalizes beyond our therapy offices. Clients enter therapy shouldering an enormous load of struggles […]