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Introduction No matter the perceived preparedness, there is no way to predict the transitional stress that ensues when beginning a postbaccalaureate education. As third-year graduate students in a doctoral level program, it was not long ago that we first encountered the multiple stressors of managing school responsibilities and financial obligations while ensuring time for social […]

Has reality set in? You are preparing to start your internship. A lot of changes will occur when students leave for internship. It is an exciting time, but also a time of great transition. This transition impacts students who are moving across the country and students staying put. Routines to which students were once accustomed […]

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The practice of psychotherapy can be highly rewarding and gratifying. Psychotherapists regularly make a significant positive impact in the lives of those with whom they work. Yet, this endeavor can also be emotionally demanding and challenging; if we do not attend to our own functioning and wellness, we can be at risk of developing problems […]

Like most of you, I am a secret-keeper. I am given the gift of hearing private thoughts and exploring strong emotions with strangers who become clients. I am a purveyor of hope. I often do little more than listen, but the impact on some clients is profound. I marvel at how the process of revealing oneself unfolds from person to […]

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