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Jan 4, 2015

In Laska, Gurman, & Wampold (2014) and Laska & Wampold (2014) I discussed how to improve the quality of mental health care from a common factor (CF) perspective. Unfortunately, one fundamental misunderstanding of CF theory is that “anything goes” and therapists can do whatever they want. Let me be crystal clear, from a CF perspective, […]

Rick Hanson’s recent book, Hardwiring Happiness (2013), provides a wonderful resource for understanding human beings’ tendency to focus on the negative and ignore or minimize the positive. As therapists, we are often challenged to be cheerleaders for the latter – reminding clients of their accomplishments and successes, encouraging them to reframe how they are thinking, […]

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Report Division 29 (The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy) President, Jeffrey J. Magnavita, initiated a task force to complete the following tasks and answer the following questions in 2010, reporting back to the Division 29 Board of Directors at its October, 2010 meeting. Jeffrey Barnett, past president of the division agreed to lead the […]

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