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2017 Bulletin Editors’ Column 52(1)

We are well into 2017, and Lynett and Cara are pleased to welcome you to the first issue of Psychotherapy Bulletin. We would also like to welcome our new members of Governance and say thank you, again, to those who have served us so well. Lynett would like to particularly thank Dr. Jennifer Erickson Cornish for her years of dedication to the Ethics Domain, and for her mentorship as past Bulletin Editor. We wish our new Domain Chairs, Representatives, officers, and others all the best in providing invaluable leadership in the year to come.

And what an exciting year it promises to be! Please check out Dr. Jeff Zimmerman’s President’s Column for a peak at the many evolving projects and happenings within and involving the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy. This issue offers a variety of pieces on topics ranging from technology in psychotherapy practice to science advocacy to the implications of public policy challenges. We hope you will find something of interest in these pages, whether you are a student, professional still in the early stages of your career, or experienced provider, researcher, or academician.

We are particularly pleased to offer two selections focusing on this year’s special theme: “difficult dialogues” in psychotherapy practice, research, or training. In the first, student Pauline Venieris invites us to reflect with her on the interpersonal challenges and opportunities presented by internship year. In the second, Dr. Jonathan Jenkins addresses the complexities of discussing sex and sexuality within the context of Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you have an idea for a “difficult dialogue”—a topic that is both critically important and easily overlooked (or actively avoided)—feel free to contact us with your thoughts. We would love to hear from our readers on these important conversations.  

Our next deadline is May 1, 2017, and you can find the Bulletin submission guidelines in the back of this volume or online. Please remember that we will be moving to a digital-exclusive format following our next issue (you can find details later in this issue and online). As always, we welcome your submissions, comments, feedback, and ideas.

Happy Spring,
Lynett Henderson Metzger, JD, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Editor
office: (303) 871-4684

Cara Jacobson, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Associate Editor
phone: (443) 520-2036

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