Early Career Professionals

Helping new psychotherapy professionals
by addressing their specific needs across many professional settings.


The Early Career Psychologist domain offers several ways to enhance the experience and membership of professionals in the early stages of their career. This includes opportunities for:

Early Career Psychologist Domain Chair

Michelle Joaquin, PsyD

Dr. Michelle Joaquin is a Latina, cisgender, licensed psychologist. She is trained in psychological assessment of asylum seekers, psychoeducational assessments, and evidence-based mental health assessments and treatments. She has worked in various settings, such as mental health clinics, behavioral health hospitals, nonprofit organizations and private practices. Dr. Joaquin completed a trauma psychology specialization internship at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and also attended one-year of postdoctoral training specializing in trauma psychology at USC. She was the 2021-2023 APA Division 29 Advocacy and Mentoring Program for Diversity (AMPD) scholar. In 2023, Dr. Joaquin also facilitated Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) process groups for Yale University faculty and she founded the Stress and Trauma Evaluative Psych Services. Some of her research interests include trauma, immigration and cultural sensitivity.

Early Career Psychologist Domain Representative to the Board of Directors

Yujia Lei, PhD 

.Dr. Yujia Lei is a cisgender Asian female and licensed psychologist with an international background. Currently, she is a staff psychologist in the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at the Washington University in St. Louis. She has specialized in working with historically marginalized student communities and clients with complex trauma, as well as leading therapy groups . As a first-generation immigrant woman from China, she has devoted to integrating multiculturalism and social justice into psychotherapy, and has been actively engaged in culturally informed supervision, teaching, training, and research both in the US and in China. Her research interests include investigating the roles of cultural values in psychotherapy process-outcome and developing culturally sensitive interventions to promote mental health. 






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