Public Interest & Social Justice

Advocating for psychotherapy and for those with whom we work.
Our voice is heard by legislators, governments, and institutions.


The Social Justice and Public Policy domain seeks to enhance members’ awareness of legislative and institutional changes that may impact the profession. This domain advocates for and supports efforts at a variety of system levels: legislative, governmental, and institutional.

It also supports advocacy issues pertinent to the field of psychotherapy – for example, changes in insurance reimbursement, decreased funding to graduate education programs, and proposed legislature. Further, the domain works to promote social justice, equality, and fairness for those populations with whom we work.

Social Justice and Public Policy Domain Representative to the Board of Directors

Rosemary Adam-Terem, Ph.D.


Dr. Adam-Terem is a clinical psychologist in full-time independent practice in Honolulu, Hawai`i where she is involved with her local psychological association as the Chair of the Ethics and the Convention/Continuing Education Committees. She teaches psychotherapy classes occasionally in the Clinical Studies Program of the University of Hawai`i Psychology Department, and supervises practicum students placed in the community.

Within APA, Dr Adam-Terem is a member of Divisions 29 (of course!), 35 (Women), 42 (Independent Practice), 48 (Peace), and a member of the Divisions for Social Justice (Chair-elect). She has served on the Rural Health Committee as member and co-chair, and as a member of the Continuing Education Committee. She also served as Hawai`i’s representative to the Council of Representatives for one term.

This is the first year of her second term as the Domain Representative for Social Justice and Public Interest. She was also the chair of the Committee, a role now ably filled by Hiro Sasaki.

From the Social Justice & Public Policy Domain