Psychotherapy Bulletin

Psychotherapy Bulletin

2020 Bulletin Editor’s Column 55(2)

“In the space between chaos and shape, there was another chance.” – Jeanette Winterson

To say that the current climate is characterized as chaotic and challenging is an understatement. As we disseminate this issue, we reflect on the many Division 29 and SAP Members whose personal and professional selves are impacted by COVID 19 and the social movements associated with the oppression and murder of Black and Indigenous people of color. As an editorial team, we are thinking of you as you navigate the systems you are a part of and we are hopeful that we can come together as a community to support one another and to foster growth within and outside of our organization.

In this second edition of the year, we have articles for you to view that broach contemporary issues such as the use of telehealth, a column from our President, Jennifer Callahan, and descriptions of the Division Awards and the winners selected for 2020. For the upcoming issue, we want to remind you of the special focus of the year, “The Person of the Psychotherapist: What We Bring to the Room.” In the context of the pandemic and broad socio-political tensions, many of you are being exposed to painful and traumatic events that may well shape the way you engage with clients, think about clinical work, and formulate research questions. Accordingly, we invite you to integrate your personhood into the pieces you submit so that we can explore together how to take action as a division. Our engaging and dynamic publications rely on the inclusion of your perspectives and we hope your voice will be represented in the editions that remain for 2020.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank all of you who are operating as essential personnel. We also want wish to extend our appreciation to the readers, contributors, and Division members and staff who have made the Psychotherapy Bulletin a continued success. For submission guidelines or to write for the Bulletin, please visit our website ( We do wish to highlight our revised timeline for 2020 submissions. The remaining deadlines for 2020 will be July 15th and October 15th. Please reach out with questions to and we look ahead to joining as a community and using the Bulletin as a means for shared expression.

Thank you,

Joanna, Stephanie, Salwa, and Kate

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