Psychotherapy Bulletin

Psychotherapy Bulletin

2021 Editor’s Column 56(3)

 “Unity of thought without unity of action is imperfect.”
-Poet-philosopher Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Hello Division 29 and SAP Membership! It is hard to fathom that summer is winding down and that our fears about the trajectory of the pandemic are increasing yet again. In our spring issue, we spoke of the hope of seeing one another in person, and while we wish that to be the case as soon as possible, there are many unknowns about the future. In spite of this, we hope that you were able to enjoy a productive time connecting with members of the Division at the American Psychological Association Conference, and that your interactions with colleagues reminded you of the value of and the inspiration that can result from conversation and collaboration. The Psychotherapy Bulletin is a wonderful venue for both of those things.

For our final issue of 2021 that will come out on December 1, we invite contributions focused on the sentiment expressed above by poet-philosopher Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal. This quote aligns with the special focus for the year, “Social Justice in Psychotherapy: Bringing Advocacy and Interdisciplinary Perspectives to the Forefront.” While we may have a sense of shared values or understanding within the division, without action through advocacy, our unified perspectives are imperfect. As an editorial team, we seek to disseminate works whose focus is on mobilizing members of our Division to meet the needs of the diverse clients we serve by utilizing intentional, systemic intervention. We value each of the submissions we receive, and we look forward to engaging as a Division around these important themes.

Thank you to all who make The Psychotherapy Bulletin a success (readers, authors, Division members, and more). One thing to note is that both the September and December E-Bulletins will come out December 1st as our internet editor, Kourtney Schroeder, is currently on leave. To make your voice heard, please visit our website (http://societyforpsychotherapy. org/bulletin-about/). Our remaining deadline for 2021 will be October 15th. We look forward to a wonderful final issue, and we wish you a safe and healthy fall semester.



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