Psychotherapy Bulletin

Psychotherapy Bulletin

2022 Editor’s Column 57(1)

Introduction of the Special Focus for 2022

Greetings Division 29 and SAP Membership! The new year is well under way and spring will soon be upon us. As March approaches, we want to orient you to updates within the Division that have accompanied the changes to the national and global climates. The Psychotherapy Bulletin team anticipates that many creative ideas will accompany these transitions, and we look forward to this publication as a venue for their presentation. Within our own small group, we have said goodbye and extended our gratitude to Stephanie Winkeljohn Black, Assistant Professor at Penn State Harrisburg, who concluded her term as Associate Editor. We are fortunate that Sree Sinha, Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver, and Kate Axford, Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah, will continue to comprise our team of Editorial Assistants. In addition, we welcome Emma Foster, Doctoral Student at the University of Utah, as our Internet Team Liaison. In collaboration with Tracey Martin and Kourtney Schroeder and with your contributions, we seek to assemble Bulletin issues that are authored and read by professionals who embody diverse identities and experiences.

In 2022, it is our intention to produce a timely publication that consistently includes contemporary perspectives on issues faced by practitioners, researchers, instructors, and activists. You can also expect to engage with content from each of the Division’s skilled domain representatives. To complement the many other wonderful articles and announcements that we have for you to view, this first issue of the year also includes a really engaging piece by Dr. Clara Hill, who has unique expertise on dream analysis. We also want to formally introduce the special focus for the year, “Technology and Psychotherapy: Strategies for Increasing Access and Equity.” Our editorial team is comprised largely of psychotherapy process and outcome researchers, and it is our intent to increase discussion of social justice as it relates to the provision of psychotherapy services. Accordingly, we not only invite your submissions related to the multifaceted implications of how technological advances influence the ways in which diverse clients engage in care, but also those that that extend beyond it and represent your broader curiosities. 

Thank you to all who make the Psychotherapy Bulletin a success (readers, authors, Division members, and more!). To write for the Bulletin, please visit our website ( Our schedule of deadlines for 2022 will be April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Please reach out with questions to We look ahead to a productive year that we hope is complemented by good health and peace around the world. 



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