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2022 Editor’s Column 57(3)

“How can psychology majors be depressed? Like bro, just look at your notes 😂” -@gdarling14

This quote, from a tweet that has been shared across the internet, highlights the expectation that we, as psychologists and mental health professionals, should have the tools to prevent our own distress. That said, as the new academic year begins, it comes with a host of persistent fears and a sense of exhaustion from, but not limited to, gun violence, racism, and changes in access to abortion. Clients come to us to seek refuge, but we are not immune to the impact of social injustice and even though we learn mechanisms of protection throughout our education, it can be difficult to implement them in response to chronic stress. We encourage you to talk about your contemporary professional experiences, how you respond to them, and how you cope with them. The Bulletin is a space where you can do so, and reach a vast audience of students, providers, academics, and consultants, all who may need connection and recognition about what it means to engage in practice and research in 2022.

Since the start of the year, we have sought to broaden our audience and to increase representation among contributing authors. In this third issue, there are pieces from domain representatives, and there are also four featured articles from members of the Division who engage with our publication. In addition to the presidential column by Dr. Clara Hill, we call your attention to an engaging submission led by Abby Blankenship and colleagues entitled, “Improving Programming for Military Families Using Community Based Participatory Research.” This piece employs methods that involve stakeholders, which makes it a valuable and informative read, and we hope for more contributions like it.

For the last issue of the year, we seek submissions that fit with the special focus for 2022, “Technology and Psychotherapy: Strategies for Increasing Access and Equity.” Content related to this theme, or that which addresses your curiosity related to how we understand the process and outcome of therapy during this difficult time will be welcomed. Your engagement makes for valuable discourse, and it is our hope that it leads to informed action. To write for the Bulletin, please visit our website ( The final deadline for 2022 will be October 15th. Please reach out with questions to

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