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Psychotherapy Bulletin

2023 Editor’s Column 58(1)

Happy 2023! While many of you may be quite used to the change in the calendar by now, at the Bulletin, this is our first opportunity to welcome you to a new and exciting year of events and opportunities with Division 29. Thank you for your membership and for your role in helping the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy to thrive. As we set the stage for what we hope our quarterly publication will accomplish in 2023, we want to orient you to the members of our team. We are thankful that our stellar crew of editorial assistants has remained stable and productive. Sree Sinha, Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver, and Kate Axford, Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah will both stay on with us this year. Emma Foster, Doctoral Student at the University of Utah, will also continue as our Internet Team Liaison. We express our immense gratitude to Kourtney Schroeder for her service to the Division as Internet Editor, and we welcome Zoe Ross-Nash to this role. We look ahead to a year of successful partnership with Zoe and we know that all of the tasks and relationships in the Division are facilitated by the wonderful Tracey Martin. As an interdisciplinary group, we hope to prioritize efficiency and strategy this year. It is our goal to seek diverse content and then to feature it using as many platforms as we can (online via web features, in the E-Bulletin, and in the PDF) so our readership can easily access and engage with your writing.

Much like it was in 2022, our intention for 2023 is to produce a timely publication that consistently includes contemporary perspectives on issues faced by practitioners, researchers, instructors, and activists. Submissions from the Division’s domain representatives lay an important foundation, but we hope that you will complement their work by contributing a broad range of pieces that increases the quality and length of our publication. In addition to the articles and features submitted for this first issue, we have a column from Dr. Jean Birbilis, our new Division 29 President. We are excited for and confident in Dr. Birbilis’ leadership, and we anticipate dynamic and thoughtful written contributions from her throughout the year. We also want to formally address our special focus for the year, “The Therapist of 2023: Reengaging with our Purpose and our Process.” Our editorial team is comprised of psychotherapy process and outcome researchers, and it is our intent to increase discussion of our social identities and how they come together to shape our roles as psychotherapy service providers. We are no longer in the throes of the pandemic, and it is important that we circle back and engage in a process of self-definition as people and as a field. Thank you in advance for your creative approaches to writing about this theme, and for also expounding upon other curiosities you have regarding the practice and research of psychotherapy.

Thank you to all who make the Psychotherapy Bulletin a success (readers, authors, Division members, and more!). To write for the Bulletin, please visit our website ( Our schedule of deadlines for 2023 will be April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Please reach out with questions to We look forward to learning from and with you through your work!



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