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Psychotherapy Bulletin

2023 President’s Column 58(2, 3)

There has been a tremendous amount of productivity in our Society thus far in 2023. The Task Force that I appointed for my initiative (to improve communication, continuity, and consistency in the governance of SAP and to initiate an archive) has continued to meet almost every week since the February Board Meeting, building on the 2022 work of the Task Force under the leadership of Jennifer Callahan. Recommendations on May 19 of the Task Force were enthusiastically received by the Board at a virtual Board Meeting, and the Board encouraged the Task Force to continue working on them. Consequently, the Task Force has resumed meeting and is addressing: increased contact among members of governance; role clarifications for Domain Representatives (voting Board Members) and Chairs of Standing Committees; increasing content in the Bulletin; and pursuit of an ongoing archive that documents the activities and achievements of SAP. The composition of the 2023 Task Force is Jean Carter (co-chair), Linda Campbell (co-chair), Stewart Cooper, Melissa Jones, Barbara Thompson, Tracey Martin, and me. If you would like to offer input to the Task Force, we encourage it! 

Other activities of note since the last issue of the Bulletin include but aren’t limited to the following. The Board approved renaming the Student Diversity Paper Award the Lillian Comas-Diaz Student Diversity Paper Award. The Practice Domain has submitted material to our website regarding climate change and psychotherapy. The International Domain has continued to strengthen our relationship with Oriental Insight in China in multiple ways. The Education and Training Committee chair, Melissa Jones, designed a new, 3 step process for submitting proposals for webinars (whether for continuing education credits or not); the link to a description of the process and associated forms is on our website. (The link can also be used to suggest topics for future webinars.) This process will facilitate advertising through all of SAP’s communication channels, avoid scheduling conflicts associated with our Zoom link, and prevent inadvertent redundancy of content. We also hope that it will serve as a mechanism for creating a path leading to collaboration across Domains and contribute to one of my initiative goals: increasing contact and subsequent communication among members of SAP governance. 

We have also been pursuing collaborative relationships with both the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) and the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). For example, I traveled to the SEPI Conference in May to award our Jeremy Safran Memorial Poster Award to Eduvigis Cruz-Arrieta. The SPR Conference included pre-conference workshops by Clara Hill and John Norcross, and we were a major sponsor of the Conference. We also had a very successful APA convention in August in Washington, D.C. The programming has been posted on the SAP website for you to see, and while you’re there, check out other new content. We hope to see you at other events coming down the pike! 

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