2024 President-Elect’s Column 59 (3)

Electronic Editor’s Note: President-Elect, Stewart Cooper kindly wrote an article on behalf of SAP leadership for the Summer Bulletin after President Tony Rousmaniere shared he was occupied with other commitments to write his quarterly Presidential Column. To quote from Stewart, “Together, and rowing in the same direction, we will all contribute to meaningful outcomes on behalf of SAP and our profession”. Thank you again, Stewart.

It is an honor to be President-Elect for the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy. The goal of this column is to share my four Presidential Initiatives for 2025 and ask you to collaborate with me to co-create their fulfillment. I hope you will share my excitement about them, as they have the capacity to propel us, as a unique Division within APA, to thrive now and in the future.

The SAP Board has approved that our focus will center on these four overlapping and synergistic priorities: (1) furthering the deepening of the understanding and incorporation of identity and culture in the science, practice, and education of psychotherapy and psychotherapy supervision, (2) increasing the global cross-fertilization of psychotherapy research, education, practice, and application, (3) retaining SAP members through their entire professional lifespan by enhancing the perceived value of and engagement in our efforts to make significant contributions to SAP and externally in the field, and (4) having SAP function as the authoritative voice in advancing psychotherapy science, practice, education, and application.  The first two and last of these initiatives are external in focus while the third initiative is internally oriented. We are a mature Division in need of new membership revitalization. I would be delighted to hear your thoughts, recommendations, or reactions to these initiatives. You can backchannel me at   More importantly, I invite you to consider actively contributing to our goals. There will be many opportunities for you to do so.

We also will work on other priorities. As one example, APA is moving forward on developing masters level educational competencies while revising doctoral level educational competencies. I will create an SAP Presidential workgroup to keep us updated on ongoing conversations about these along with corollary titling and scope of practice definitions. As a Division, we may want to take advocacy positions.

Please let me know of any other priorities you feel we should focus upon. Your providing details would be helpful.

Together, and rowing in the same direction, we will all contribute to meaningful outcomes on behalf of SAP and our profession.

Stewart E. Cooper, PhD, ABPP

President-Elect of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy


My diverse professional background in psychotherapy practice, education, supervision, and research have worked synergistically with each element enhancing the others. For many years, I served as the Director of Counseling Services (which eventually included a Counseling Center plus separate Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault and Suicide Prevention units) at Valparaiso University in NW Indiana. During this time, I was also a faculty member in the Department of Psychology teaching in their accredited master’s mental health counseling program where I served two stints as its Program Chair. Based on my teaching, service, and scholarship, I was promoted to Full Professor. I have authored/edited 5 books, 10 book chapters, and 80 refereed journal articles. Within APA Governance, I have served as the Chair of the Board of Professional Affairs, Chair of the Membership Board, a member of its Policy and Planning Board and as co-creator and member of its Committee for the Advancement of General Applied Psychology. I also served two terms on its Council of Representatives and was an At-Large Member of the APA Board of Directors. Additionally, I was President of the Society for Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13) and am President-Elect for the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (APA Division 29). Licensed as a HSPP in Arizona and in Indiana with Board Certification in both Counseling and Organizational Psychology, I am currently expanding Life Enrichment Associates, a solo clinical and consultation practice which I developed in 1982.

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