The APF/Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Career Award


This program supports the mission of APA’s Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (Division 29) by recognizing Society members who have demonstrated outstanding promise in the field of psychotherapy early in their career.

Funding Specifics

One $1,000 award.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees should be:

  1. A member of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy.
  2. Be within 10 years post-doctorate

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees will be rated on accomplishment and achievement related to psychotherapy theory, practice, research, or training.

Nomination Requirements

  1. Nomination letter written by a colleague outlining the nominee’s career contributions (self-nominations not acceptable).
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae.

Submission Process & Deadline

Submission Process: Nominations must be submitted online:

Submission Deadline: December 31.

Please See This Website for More Information

Questions about this program should be directed to APF at

APF welcomes applicants with diverse backgrounds with respect to age, race, color, religion, creed, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender, and geography.

The APF/Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Career Award

2024 Recipient: Alice Coyne, PhD

Dr. Alice Coyne is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at American University. Dr. Coyne completed her PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and completed her postdoctoral training at Case Western Reserve University. Broadly speaking, Dr. Coyne’s research program aims to identify and develop ways to capitalize on patient, therapist, and dyadic characteristics and processes that can enhance the effectiveness of mental health care (MHC). More specifically, she studies personalized pathways to therapeutic change through answering the broad questions of how, for whom and in what contexts, and when delivered by whom does psychotherapy work? Across these interrelated foci, Dr. Coyne draws on diverse research designs and methods, including longitudinal process-outcome research, experimental comparative effectiveness trials, meta-analyses, community-based research (with diverse MHC stakeholders), and qualitative studies. She has conducted this work in the context of various treatments (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and prolonged exposure), for a broad range of conditions (e.g., depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder). Across these treatment-patient contexts, Dr. Coyne is keenly interested in bridging the science-practice gap by increasing the effectiveness and precision of therapeutic interventions, including when delivered in routine practice settings that can reach historically underserved and marginalized populations.


2024 Recipient: Maggi Price, PhD

Dr. Maggi A. Price, a licensed psychologist and Assistant Professor at Boston College’s School of Social Work, has distinguished herself in the field of mental health research. With a robust academic and clinical foundation from Boston College, Harvard University, and Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Price dedicates her work to diminishing mental health disparities, especially among marginalized youth such as transgender individuals and youth of Color. Her research is twofold, focusing on both understanding mental health inequities through data analysis and developing interventions to foster mental health equity. This includes examining structural stigma and enhancing support systems for affected communities. Recognized for her impactful work, Dr. Price has received numerous awards and fellowships from prestigious organizations like the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Psychological Association. More information on Dr. Price’s work can be found at her Affirm Lab’s website:




The APF/Division 29 Early Career Award

Previous Recipients

2022- Xu Li, Ph.D

2021- Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces

2020 – Josh Turchan

2019 – Sigal Zilcha-Mano

2018 – Catherine Eubanks & Tony Rousmaniere

2017 – Rayna Markin

2016 – Joshua K. Swift & Christian Webb

2015 – Stephanie Budge

2014 – Zac Imel

2013 – James Boswell

2012 – Jesse Owen

2011 – Andres De Los Reyes

2010 – Tami Jo De Coteau

2009 – Katherine Muller

2008 – Kenneth N. Levy

2007 – Michael Constantino

Prior to 2007 the Early Career Award was known as the Krasner Award

2006 – Elizabeth Nutt Williams

2005 – No award given

2004 – Mark Hilsenroth & Matthew Nessetti

2003 – Craig N. Shealy

2002 – No award given

2001 – Jeffrey A. Hayes

2000 – Lisa Firestone

1999 – No award given

1998 – Louis Castonguay

1996 – Abraham W Wolf

1995 – Karen Kovacs-North

1994 – Nadine Kaslow

1993 – Jon Perez

1992 – John Norcross

1991 – Lisa M. Porche-Burke

1990 – Victor R. Nahmias

1989 – Leonard J. Haas

1988 – Alice K. Rubenstein

1987 – No award given

1986 – E. Rita Dudley (Grant)

1985 – Raymond H. DiGiuseppe

1984 – Ronald F. Levant

1983 – Jacquelyn L. Resnick & Gary R. VandenBos

1982 – No award given

1981 – Annette M. Brodsky & Gerald P. Koocher