Author Bio

Carly M. Schwartzman is a third-year clinical psychology doctoral student at the University at Albany, SUNY, under the mentorship of Dr. James Boswell in the Psychotherapy and Behavior Change Research Lab. She joined APA’s Division 29: Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy to further her knowledge of the field of psychotherapy process research and enhance her networking in the research community. Her research interests involve the study of the therapeutic process and mechanisms of change. In particular, she has become acutely interested in the methodology used in studying processes within psychotherapy (e.g., alliance, warmth, empathy) that contribute to patient outcome, as well as how these processes translate in the context of e-therapy (i.e., therapy delivered online via ideoconferencing, instant message, and/or email message). Carly is also passionate about the enhancement of the graduate student experience within the University setting and in the broader professional community. She hopes to work to enhance student support and involvement within Division 29 to foster collaboration and networking. Additionally, she would like to encourage conversation and advocacy among students regarding the state of psychology as a profession and help students navigate the new technological era of psychotherapy.

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