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Dr. Tartar is a Professor of Neuroscience at Nova Southeastern University. She earned her Ph.D. in the Behavioral Neuroscience program at the University of Florida where the focus of her research involved discovering long term changes that occur in neurobiological pathways involved in stress responses and developing animal models of stress. Dr. Tartar has also completed Postdoctoral Training at Harvard Medical School, where she studied neurological consequences of sleep perturbations using in vitro electrophysiological recording techniques. She also received training in Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Tartar is on the Scientific Advisory Board for The National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. She is the President of The Society for NeuroSports- an academic organization for the field of Sports Neuroscience. Dr. Tartar’s current research is focused on stress, sleep, and athletic performance in humans.

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