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Jeffrey Von Glahn, Ph.D., began his career as an MSW. His first degree, however, was a physics. In pursuit of that degree, he also elected courses in biology, anthropology and psychology. Soon after receiving his degree in physics, he took an extended sabbatical to find a focus for his varied interests. He concluded that what he thought of as the study of what made human beings act like human beings was the least advanced of all of the sciences he had studied. After seven years at a Family Service agency, where he practiced individual, marital, family, and group therapy, Jeffrey opened his own office. His intuitive sense based on his experience was that there was a fundamental flaw in how psychotherapy was understood. His first client in his new office was Jessica. For about two years, she started every session in the same way. She sat down, stared at him with a watchful eye, and never spoke until he did. Then one day she asked for multiple hour sessions three days a week. Those extended sessions were the key for Dr. Von Glahn discovering that this person who never missed, cancelled, or was late for a session had no sense of a herself as a needing, wanting person (See Jessica: The autobiography of an infant). And in those extended sessions, he discovered what he believes has been the missing ingredient in the theory and practice of psychotherapy; i.e., it has never understood its subject matter.

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