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Mr. Morrison is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 2010, Mr. Morrison graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a BA in Psychology with highest honors. He was a recipient of the University’s Leaders of the 21st Century Award, presented to 12 of over 4,000 graduating seniors for strong leadership qualities, noteworthy original research, and community service. Mr. Morrison’s senior honors thesis qualitatively examined therapeutic alliance researchers’ perspectives on alliance-centered training practices. Subsequently, he worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Diagnostic Interviewer in the Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Adult ADHD Clinical and Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. During his tenure, Mr. Morrison co-authored a variety of publications, including journal articles and book chapters, and coordinated multiple studies funded by the NIH. His position also afforded him the opportunity to conduct psychometric evaluations of clinical populations in both research- and practice-oriented contexts. In 2012, Mr. Morrison returned to the University of Massachusetts to begin his graduate education and currently works in the Psychotherapy Research Laboratory. Continuing the work of his undergraduate career, his research examines psychotherapy training and outcomes, as well as the application of psychotherapy integration. His Master's thesis expanded on his earlier research by examining the state of current alliance training practices in clinical and counseling psychology programs across the United States and Canada, and his dissertation investigates the replicability of results and social reliability of process in consensual qualitative research (CQR). In terms of clinical practice, Mr. Morrison treats adult populations suffering from a wide variety of psychiatric conditions including mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, and maintains a common factors approach to psychotherapy. Broader research areas: the patient-therapist relationship, expectations, & other common treatment factors; psychotherapy training; adult depression and anxiety; qualitative methodology

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