Competencies in Clinical Supervision of Psychotherapists in Training

A recent Special Section of Psychotherapy (2010, Volume 47, Issue 1) provides a series of articles that describe key psychotherapy competencies conceptualized across a range of theoretical models with the aim of articulating specific implications for competency-based psychotherapy training.

The development of professional competencies is increasingly emphasized in the training of psychologists. This series of articles provides an opportunity for clinical educators and supervisors to explore ways of incorporating a competency-based approach in teaching and supervising psychotherapists in training.

The orientations represented include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-existential, systemic, and integrative approaches.  Each article provides a theoretically informed characterization of essential psychotherapy competencies, relates these to the current dialogue on foundational and functional competencies in professional psychology, and then highlights implications of a competency-based framework for conducting psychotherapy supervision.  The special section concludes with a commentary that reflects on the major points of each article in the series and implications for psychotherapy training.

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