Division 29 APA Council Representatives, John C. Norcross and Linda F. Campbell Awarded APA Presidential Citations

The APA President has the authority to bestow eight citations from the 150,000 membership of APA during her or his presidential year. These citations are given to members who have made outstanding and distinguished contributions to the field. This year, President Melba Vasquez cited both of our APA Council Representatives, John C. Norcross and Linda F. Campbell among the awardees. Following are the narratives from their respective citations:




John Norcross, PhD.


APA presents this Presidential Citation to John C Norcross, PhD., for his outstanding contributions as a prolific scholar, engaging teacher, exemplary mentor, and influential leader. 

Dr. Norcross is internationally recognized as an authority on psychotherapy, clinical training and behavior change.  He has co-written or edited 22 books, over 300 publications, and has provided numerous presentations in 30 countries.  As a dedicated scholar, he is editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session and has been on the editorial boards of several other journals. He has served as clinical and research consultant to a number of organizations, including the National Institute of Mental Health. His dedication to the field of psychology is evident through his numerous effective, respectful and inclusive leadership roles, including as past president of APA Division 29, Psychotherapy; as past president of APA Division 12, the Society of Clinical Psychology; as an APA Council Representative; and as Director of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He has promoted the best of psychology through hundreds of media interviews, and through appearances on many national television shows, including the Today Show, CBS News, Sunday Morning, and Good Morning America. In recognition of his many, important contributions to psychology, the American Psychological Association presents Dr. Norcross this Presidential Citation.


Linda Campbell, PhD.

Linda Campbell, PhD.


APA presents this Presidential Citation to Linda Campbell, PhD., for her commitment to serving as a role model for an ethics centered professional life and for her contributions to education, training, and practice in psychology.

Dr. Campbell is professor and director of the Center for Counseling at the University of Georgia. On the national, state, and local level, Dr. Campbell’s service to the profession has included shaping, explaining and upholding the ethical code of psychologists in the context of an ever changing and complex world. In addition, she has championed quality education and training through efforts such as advancing the culture of competency in practice, research and teaching, co-chairing the task force that created a model curriculum for training for prescriptive authority, serving as chair of the Board of Educational Affairs and advocating for federal funds. Her extensive research and scholarship focus on ethics, supervision and psychotherapy. Dr. Campbell is an exemplary and dedicated leader, teacher, scholar and colleague who has devoted much of her time to serving psychologists, students and clients through her wisdom, high energy, positive outlook, wit and exquisite humor.

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