Domain Representative for Education and Training: Candidate Statements

 Erica Marshall-Lee, PhD, ABPP, ABSMIP

It is an honor to submit my candidate statement for Domain Representative for Education and Training.  I am an Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine and board certified clinical psychologist. I have a long standing commitment to providing recovery-oriented and culturally responsive services to individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental health disorders (SPMD). As a faculty member for the past twenty two years, my passion and dedication for serving individuals with SPMD and training learners in recovery oriented, collaborative, strengths focused care using a social justice informed framework is apparent in my scholastic, clinical, and service activities.  I am active in teaching, supervising, and mentoring trainees in the psychiatry residency and psychology training programs. I hold key education leadership positions as Associate Director for Advocacy and Diversity in the Emory University School of Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Program in Health Service Psychology and the Emory Psychiatry at Grady Psychology Practicum Program Director.  I see myself as a teacher to consumers of mental health services as well as learners in psychology, psychiatry, and other behavioral health professions. I am committed to the mission of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy related to all aspects of education and training in theory, research, and practice. In particular, increasing the accessibility of psychotherapy services to the public, especially underserved communities, as well as increasing education and training opportunities in specialty domains within our profession such as serious and persistent mental health concerns.  Thank you for considering me for this important role.

Eric Sauer, PhD

I am running for Domain Representative for the Education and Training Committee (E & T) starting in 2025. I am a longstanding member of SfAP and I previously served as our E & T Committee Chair (2018-2020). I am a career-long educator, psychotherapist, and psychotherapy researcher and I hope to bring these long-standing passions into this SfAP leadership role. I have served in a number of leadership roles in other APA divisions/affiliations, including President of the Association or Psychology Training Clinics.

For more than 20 years, I have served as a professor of counseling psychology at Western Michigan University (WMU). In this faculty role, I have all of the traditional duties including providing professional service, research, and teaching/training. My longstanding research passion has been advancing our understanding of how client and therapist factors (especially attachment) impact psychotherapy process (e.g., working alliance) and outcome. In my time at WMU, I have also served as our department training clinic director. In this role, I oversee our clinic that provides low-cost services to the community, generates research, and provides clinical training to advanced counseling/psychology students.

Outside of these university roles, I also work in private practice and understand the psychotherapy process from this lens as well. Through varied roles, I have come to understand important ways that client, therapist, and relationship factors directly/indirectly contribute to process and outcome of psychotherapy. My goal as domain representative will be to work with this committee to find novel ways to promote and enhance psychotherapy education and training.

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