Psychotherapy Articles

Psychotherapy Articles

Electronic Communications Editor Spring Column

Hello Division 29 and members of SAP!

Spring is here and we are so thrilled to share exciting updates and accomplishments of the division. We had a successful Winter Psychotherapy Bulletin and eBulletin publication thanks to the incredible submissions from authors like you. Our eBulletin connects with about 6,000 subscribers; people from around the world read the articles featured on both our website and Bulletin. We had a theme of submissions surrounding clinical supervision this quarter, I hope you enjoy the articles from our experts! 

I also wanted to congratulate the Electronic Publication team. In January when the Bulletin and the Website merged, I had no idea what to expect. While I had been part of the Internet Publication team for three years, Amy Ellis, our devoted Publication Chair, and I began creating something new to accommodate the needs of the growing division. I am so grateful for the flexibility, passion, understanding, and expertise the Electronic Publication team holds. I extend my appreciation to Lacy Sohn, Yashvi Aware, Sarah Bondy, and Deanna Young for all your work making this transition as successful as it has been. We have also welcomed TJ Slade as our new Website Designer and Technology Specialist.

In an effort to diversify the topics we publish, the Electronic Publication team has started a monthly initiative encouraging authors to submit articles on specific genres. For example, we requested articles about women in March for Women’s History Month and plan to recruit articles about the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride Month in June. While we invite authors to make submissions all year long, we hope these initiatives provide inspiration for people to write. Be on the lookout for a new topic on the first of every month!

As a reminder, articles are accepted on a rolling basis and will be featured on the website the day it is ready for publication. Articles will also be disseminated quarterly through the Bulletin depending on the date of publication on the website. For inclusion in the Winter Bulletin, the deadline for publication is January 15th. For inclusion in the Spring Bulletin, the deadline is April 15th. For inclusion in the Summer Bulletin, the deadline is July 15th. For inclusion in the Fall Bulletin, the deadline is October 15th. Feel free to click here for more information about the submission and publication process.

The 400 free student membership initiative was also a success! Division 29 is committed to providing affordable resources to our student members and we received thousands of applications. We are very fortunate to have such an active and dedicated student membership. Lastly, we offer various awards and grants for interested students and clinicians. Click here for more information!

This issue contains great articles ranging from how to know when to hospitalize a patient to how to enter retirement. No matter where you are in your training or career, SAP has a resource for you.


Zoe Ross-Nash

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Dr. Zoe Ross-Nash (she/her) earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University and completed an APA accredited internship at the University of California, Davis in the Eating Disorder Emphasis. Dr. Ross-Nash is currently an assistant professor at Ponce Health Sciences University and a licensed psychologist in private practice. Ross-Nash won the Division 29 Student Excellence in Clinical Practice Award in 2022 and is the Editor for Electronic Communications for the division, after serving three years as the associate editor. Zoe's clinical interests include trauma, eating disorders, wellness, mentorship, and advocacy. She is originally from Allendale, New Jersey and earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Service Studies and Dance from Elon University. In her spare time, Zoe likes to practice yoga and ballet, read and write poetry, and try new restaurants with her loved ones.

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