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Question: Does the professional practice guideline (PPG) presented by Boswell et al. (2022) outline a clear path for MBCs implementation in routine practice? Findings: Although thoroughly summarizing findings from the extant literature, the PPG fails to provide therapists and clinical administrators with actionable and practical suggestions. Meaning: To foster the implementation of MBC, an actionable and practical guideline that is perceived as accessible by therapists at all levels of training is needed. Next Steps: The first step in bridging the research-practice gap is to conduct therapist-centered, clinically relevant, and ecologically valid research.


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Bugatti, M., Richardson, Z., Rasmussen, W., Newton, D., Owen., J. (2023). Measurement-Based Care Professional Practice Guideline: Don’t Forget the Therapists. Psychotherapy, 60 (1), 20-23. doi:10.1037/pst0000464



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