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Meet the Publications and Communications Board Chair

Author’s Note: Dr. Heatherington was asked to reflect on the “Turning Point” that led her to becoming the Publications Board Chair. Please visit to learn more about Dr. Heatherington.

Careful, these people are good!! Friendly people (Jeff Barnett, Past-Chair of the Publications Board) cleverly engages your agreement to serve on the Publications Board by dropping the names of highly competent people that you already know, and that you already know are working very hard themselves on behalf of Division 29 (Mark Hilsenroth, Psychotherapy Editor). Yearly meetings in beautiful Washington, DC, in autumn are dangled before you. Once at such meetings, you meet new people—very interesting, enthusiastic  people—with fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm for bringing psychotherapy research and writing to the Division membership:  Lynett Henderson Metzger,  Bulletin Editor, Amy Ellis, Internet Editor, and the other Publications Board members.  Having never been involved in divisional activities, you feel a bit confused as names and references to past decisions and future goals are tossed around, but you are assured not to worry, that there is someone that knows all, remembers all, keeps track of all (Tracey Martin, APA, Division Administrator). Thus when you get a call from the incoming Division 29 President, a friend and colleague with whom you’ve worked closely on other adventures (Mike Constantino), that Jeff Barnett’s hugely successful terms as Pub Board Chair are ending, and they need someone to step in, what can you say??!   Like I said… be careful! 

All kidding aside, I am very happy for the opportunity to be a member of this team, and now to begin serving as the new Chair and Cheerleader-in-Chief. I look forward to all the good times ahead as this team continues to bring great publications to its readerships.  

Laurie Heatherington (Ph.D., University of Connecticut, USA, 1981) is Edward Dorr Griffin Professor of Psychology at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Her work has combined research, teaching, and practice, focusing on processes of interpersonal and cognitive change in family therapy, measurement of family systems variables, and the therapeutic alliance. She has published numerous journal articles and chapters and co-authored The Therapeutic Alliances in Couple and Family Therapy with Myrna Friedlander and Valentín Escudero. She and co-author Myrna Friedlander were jointly honored in 2010 as recipients of the Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research award by the American Family Therapy Academy; she is Past-President of the North American Chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research.

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