Domain Representative for Membership: Candidate Statements

Jairo Fuertes, PhD

Dear colleagues, it would be a privilege to serve Division 29 as the Membership Domain Representative.  I have served D29 in the past as the Diversity Domain Rep and as Chair of the Education and Training Committee.  As a psychotherapy researcher and clinician, D29 is my academic home, it is a place where I feel that I belong. And this is because of the outstanding and caring individuals that the division has attracted and retained. The people make D29 a home, and if elected, I would endeavor to continue to make the division a new home for other psychotherapists, including graduate students, new professionals, and other clinicians. I would especially like to make D29 “a larger tent” by deliberately seeking more members of diverse communities in the world of psychotherapy, to make D29 a division that more completely represents and resembles our incredible profession.  Gracias!

Firouz Ardalan, PhD

I am honored by the nomination for the Membership Domain Representative position of APA Division 29. My journey with the Membership committee began in 2021 as a student representative, and it has been a privilege to contribute to our division’s growth since then. Over the years, I’ve focused on enhancing membership retention and expanding our base through innovative strategies.

Throughout my tenure on the committee, I’ve actively engaged in initiatives aimed at boosting student membership and facilitating access to Continuing Education (CE) credits. This hands-on experience has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of our committee’s dynamics, fostered strong collaborative relationships, and honed my ability to effectively advocate.

Recognizing that a robust membership base is the cornerstone of Division 29’s longevity and impact, I am committed to advancing our shared objectives. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote our division’s outstanding resources and offerings, thereby igniting greater interest and engagement among our members.I look forward to the opportunity to serve our division in this capacity and contribute to its continued success. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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