Professional Practice Awards

These awards are for nominees who demonstrate excellence in the art and practice of psychotherapy appropriate to their development as a therapist (Early Career, Mid-Career, Distinguished). Nominees have a strong foundation of therapeutic skills and work effectively with their client base and show a commitment to growth as a therapist (e.g. learning from mistakes, modifying their approach, use of self-care). Practitioners who contribute significantly to the practice of psychotherapy through community work, supervision or clinical proficiency are encouraged to apply.


Application materials should include:

1) A nomination letter written by a colleague or themselves that (a) indicates the award category to which the nomination applies, and (b) outlines the nominee’s relevant contributions through relevant stage of career. It should be clear how the nominees’ career contributions (between 10- and 20-years post-doctorate) have made a significant impact.
2) Three letters supporting the nomination.
3) A curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee.


1. Must be or become a member of Division 29 (note that there is a $40 membership fee and
it is not a requirement that you be a member of APA – ).
2. Nominees must be engaged in psychotherapy practice at least 75% of their time. (This
can include independent practice, group practice, Community Mental Health Centers,
VAs, counseling centers, other settings where nominee’s primary role is in providing
psychotherapy services.)

Early Career Practitioner Award

Nominee must be within 10 years of receipt of post-graduate degree

Mid-Career Practitioner Award

Nominee must be no less than 10 years and no more than 20 years post graduate degree

Distinguished Practitioner Award

Nominee must be more than 20 years post graduate degree

$500 prize for each award.

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