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Psychotherapists Face-to-Face with Dr. Michael D. Yapko

Internet Editor’s Note: Psychotherapists Face-to-Face is a series presented by the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Division 29 of the American Psychological Association, featuring leading psychotherapists in the field of psychotherapy. Each interview provides a revealing personal portrait of how the leaders in psychotherapy think, practice, and view the field.

Dr. Yapko talks about his interest in psychology and psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, his focus on understanding systematic patterns of depression, short term psychotherapy treatment, his thoughts on medications for depression, and his work with elephants and elephant trainers.

About Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael D. Yapko is a clinical psychologist and author, whose work is focused in the areas of treating depression, developing brief psychotherapies and advancing the clinical applications of hypnosis. He opened a private practice in 1979, which he maintained until retiring from clinical practice in 2007 to focus on writing and teaching. He now regularly conducts clinical trainings in the areas of treating depression, psychotherapy, and applying clinical hypnosis.

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