Student Representative Ballot 2022

All student members in good standing with the Society are eligible and encouraged to vote for their next Student Representative. Student members of the Society will have until November 30th to cast their ballots.

Krizia Wearing

Chestnut Hill College

My name is Krizia Wearing and I am a fourth-year graduate student pursuing my doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Chestnut Hill College. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. I prefer to work with young and middle-aged adults and have experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, relationship problems, and other mental health challenges. My clinical interests also include psychodynamic therapy, psychotherapy process research, psychological assessment, and multicultural competence among clients of color. Currently, I am completing my clinical practicum training at a College Counseling Center where I provide brief, solution-focused therapy to undergraduate and graduate student  populations. However, my work and training span a variety of clinical settings including community mental health, inpatient psychiatric care, rehabilitation treatment, and home-based treatment outreach.

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