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After several decades of slow progress, researchers are beginning to make advances in linking constructs based on the multicultural competencies tradition— especially those focused on qualities of the therapist—to therapy outcomes. The multicultural orientation framework was developed in response to several trends within the multicultural competencies tradition, with a particular emphasis on integrating the multicultural competencies tradition into research on psychotherapy process. We provide a narrative review of studies that include one of the three constructs (i.e., cultural humility, cultural opportunities, and cultural comfort) articulated by the multicultural orientation framework. Results indicate initial evidence linking multicultural orientation constructs to therapy outcomes (e.g., perceived improvement, racial/ethnic disparities in termination, and therapy alliance). Results also supported the social bond and social oil hypotheses from theorizing on humility. Implications for future research and therapy practice are discussed.

Keywords: multicultural orientation, multicultural competence, cultural humility, cultural opportunities, cultural comfort

Don (Donnie) Davis is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Georgia State University. Donnie did undergraduate work at Yale and his doctorate at Virginia Commonwealth University, under Everett Worthington. His research and clinical interests are in the area of positive psychology. His work focuses on humility and related virtues such as forgiveness and gratitude. He has published over 230 articles or chapters, as well as several books on these themes. He has participated in over 20 grant-funded projects. He is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Positive Psychology. In terms of fun, Donnie enjoys biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and is also an avid reader. He also loves spending time with his partner, Cirleen DeBlaere, and his three kids, Catherine (age 11), Adam (age 7), and Emerson (age 1).

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Davis, D. E., DeBlaere, C., Owen, J., Hook, J. N., Rivera, D. P., Choe, E.,…Placeres, V. (2018). Multicultural orientation framework: A narrative review. Psychotherapy, 55(1), 89-100.



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