Treasurer: Candidate Statements

Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, LP, ABPP

The opportunity to serve as treasurer of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy would be a welcome extension of my commitment to grow and promote our division as a home for psychotherapy practice, research, and training.  I was honored to serve as president of the division in  1993, and have continued with committee service over the years.  I have previously served as treasurer of three other divisions, the Massachusetts Psychological Association, and two five year terms as APA treasurer. I have a strong working knowledge of budget and investment operations and professional association management.

My goal as treasurer would be to work closely with our management firm and executive committee to assure sound operational practices and secure future operations.  This becomes increasingly important as dues become a decreasing percentage of our annual income due to an ageing membership base.  My priorities would include improving membership recruitment and engagement of early career psychotherapists, as well as considering improved prospects for growth of our financial resources.

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Ken Critchfield, PhD

Hello fellow SfAP members! I am a practitioner and Fellow of the Society. I am also an Associate Professor and Director of the Clinical PsyD Program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University. Across my career I have worked closely with Lorna Smith Benjamin (another Society fellow) to teach, develop, and test a method of treatment called Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy (IRT) as used with adult clients having severe and complex clinical presentations. I first became a member of Division 29 about fifteen years ago, and in 2010 became chair of the Education and Training committee. My involvement has continued since then in various ways, including as chair of the Continuing Education committee since 2019. Serving now as Treasurer for Division 29 would mean being able to continue supporting the essential infrastructure needs of a Society that I consider as one of my core professional homes. I have prior experience as a Treasurer for the Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) and believe this experience, plus my prior involvement at SfAP board meetings is excellent preparation for the role. If elected, I aim to work with other board members and leadership to ensure that SfAP continues to offer the best possible sort of professional home for all of us: a space that actively supports diverse and stimulating intellectual and scientific debate; supportive, collegial relationships; as well as support, nurturance, and resources for diverse professional identities and career paths. I ask for your vote.

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