Winners Announced for the 2019 Division 29 Student Poster Award Competition

As one of Michael Constantino’s past-presidential initiatives, Division 29 held its second Student Poster Award competition at the 2019 APA Convention. The Division awarded a $500 prize to the most meritorious poster in each of its two poster sessions.
As a first step, a committee reviewed and rated all student-authored poster abstracts that were accepted for presentation at Convention. Evaluation criteria included: quality of written abstract’ novelty/importance of the research question; rigor of the research method; appropriateness of data analytic plan; and magnitude of contribution to the psychotherapy research base. Based on this initial phase, three finalists were selected for each poster session.
As a second step, the committee attended the poster sessions and evaluated the the finalists’ presentations on the following criteria: quality of study execution; clearly organized layout; successful use of graphs and figures; clear and concise verbal summary; and overall professional “polish.”
The results of the 2019 competition are as follows:

Poster Session 1

Yixiao Dong


Yixiao Dong: Therapist Effects in Routine Outcome Monitoring: A Doubly Latent Invariance Test of the BHM-20

Finalist Runners-Up

Yunling Chang: Congruence/Genuineness: A Meta-Analysis
Justin Hillman: The Dynamic Alliance-Outcome Relation

Poster Session 2

Kelsey Redmayne


Kelsey Redmayne: Client Feedback Outcome Measures: Evaluating Outcome Trajectories and Clinical Significance

Finalist Runners-Up

Emily Leeper: Outside the Box: Analyzing 12 Years of Psychotherapy Distress & Outcomes with Asian American Clients
Rachel Dyer: Working Alliance and Gender Minority Stress: Implications for Psychotherapy with TNG Clients


Congratulations, to the winners and finalists! We look forward to this being an annual award for our Division.

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