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Psychotherapy Bulletin

We, the Student Development Committee, would like to host a monthly student support group to provide an inclusive space for students from different programs to connect with and support each other. This group will be open to all students, regardless of their educational levels (i.e., graduate and undergraduate students) or membership status of the Division and the APA. 

The student support group will be hosted by two Student Development Committee members every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm, Eastern Time. It will be operated in an open format to discuss highlighted and seasonally sensitive topics relevant to student life. Past group topics include, but are not limited to, internship applications, academic and non-academic careers, finding accountability buddies, and addressing diversity issues. This group will allow students from different programs to interact with each other and gain valuable insight into graduate school environment. It will also enable students to network, seek potential collaboration opportunities, and support each other through challenging times in school.

To attend the group, please go to this link: If you have any questions regarding the group, please feel free to email or

My name is Lei Y. Sun, and I am a 3rd year graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. in counseling psychology at the University of Miami. I am thrilled and privileged to serve the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy and its student members as the Chair of the Student Development Committee for the 2021-2022 term! As a biracial individual with diverse lived experiences, I am fascinated by the processes through which one develops self and cultural identity in attachment relationships. This interest facilitated my passion for psychotherapy research. Specifically, I am interested in exploring how attachment and aspects of identity play into therapeutic relationships. I initially joined the Society to advance my knowledge of the field of psychotherapy process research and foster my connections in the broader professional community. Further, I was involved in the Student Mentorship Program to enhance peer collaboration and development of professional skills. As the student chair, I plan to work to facilitate support for student involvement, connection, and growth at divisional and APA levels. I am particularly passionate about encouraging student engagement in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and social justice in our profession. In addition, I would like to foster conversation among students regarding advocacy for relationship-based psychotherapy. Together with my brilliant peers on the Student Development Committee, I hope to facilitate a diverse and enriching growth experience for fellow student members.

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