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In this video, Natasha Stovall, PhD, psychologist and activist, joins Daniel Gaztambide, PsyD, to talk about addressing Whiteness in psychotherapy. Natasha talks about how Whiteness and White Supremacy are enacted in the consulting room, and helps us think through how we can think clinically about race not just with patients of color but with White patients as well. We’ll talk about the ways that Whiteness and anti-Blackness intersect in impacting the mental well-being of White people and people of color, in exchange for fantasies of privilege. Natasha will discuss examples from her own clinical experience, and help us understand how White therapists and therapists of color can discuss Whiteness in psychotherapy in ways that are organic and facilitate the therapeutic process.


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Gaztambide, D., & Stovall, N. (2021, November). Addressing whiteness in psychotherapy: A video interview. [Web article]. Retrieved from http://www.societyforpsychotherapy.org/addressing-whiteness-in-psychotherapy



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