APA Annual Convention Division Programming (2022)

Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Symposium 2.0: Cultural Humility, Comfort, and Opportunities in Practice and Supervision

Time: 9:00–9:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level Two, Room 200C
Divisions: 29, 17
Chair: Theodore T. Bartholomew, PhD, Scripps College
Participants: Stephanie Winkeljohn-Black, PhD, Augusta University, Melanie M. Wilcox, PhD. Multicultural Orientation in Cross-Racial Clinical Supervision
Jeremy Coleman, PhD, University of Utah, Joanna M. Drinane, PhD, Jesse Owen, PhD, Sree Sinha, MA, Emma Porter, MA, Courtney F. Agorsor, MS, Georgia State University, Cirleen Deblaere, PhD, Donald E. Davis, PhD, Georgia State University. Including Clients Experiencing Incarceration—Cultural Humility, Cultural Opportunities, the Working
Theodore T. Bartholomew, PhD, New Mexico State University, Andres E. Perez-Rojas, PhD, Rashanta Bledman, PhD, Purdue University, Eileen E. Joy, MA, Krista A. Robbins, MEd, Purdue University. A Multiple Case Study of Therapists’ Comfort When Black Clients Discuss Anti-Black Racism in Session
Participant/1stAuthor: Andres E. Perez-Rojas, PhD, New Mexico State University

Symposium 2.0: Psychotherapy Incorporating Horses—Empirical Findings and Case Examples

Time: 10:00–10:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 101E
Division: 29
Chair: Angela Fournier, PhD, Bemidji State University
Participants: Elizabeth Letson, MS, Independent Practice, Bemidji, MN. Macro vs. Micro—Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Trauma-Related Disorders
Joy Hanson, BA, Independent Practice, Bemidji, MN. A Perfect Partner in Psychotherapy—Horses Assist Through Natural Presence and Behavior
Emma Pasiuk, MA, Christine Rudd, MS, Katy Schroeder, PhD, Texas Tech University. Preliminary Exploration of Human Experiences During Common Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Activities

Symposium 2.0: Technology-Based Strategies and the Advancement of Psychotherapy

Time: 1:00–1:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level Two, Room 207AB
Divisions: 29, 46
Chair: Jesse Owen, PhD, University of Denver
Participants: Matteo Bugatti, PhD, Jesse Owen, PhD, SonderMind Inc, Denver, CO, Zachary Richardson, PhD, Wendy Rasmussen, PhD, Douglas Newton, MD, SonderMind Inc, Denver, CO. Access to Care and Therapist Effects on Early Dropout—Findings From a Behavioral Health Technology
Wendy Rasmussen, PhD, University of Denver, Matteo Bugatti, PhD, Jesse Owen Owen, PhD, SonderMind Inc, Denver, CO, Zachary Richardson, PhD, Douglas Newton, MD, SonderMind Inc, Denver, CO. Clinician and Client Engagement and Training With a Technology-Based Platform
Zac Imel, PhD, Lyssn, Salt Lake City, UT, David Atkins, PhD, Mike Tanana, PhD, University of Utah, Vivek Srikumar, PhD. Machine-Learning and the Development of Adaptive Clinical Training

Symposium 2.0: All About The Nerve! Case Study And Applications on Treating Panic Attacks and OCD and Social Media

Time: 2:00–2:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 103D
Divisions: 29, 12, 46
Chair: Yi-An L. Burleson, PhD, MA, Penn State University, Beaver
Participants: Lei Y. Sun, MS, University of Miami. Treating an Adult Patient With Panic Disorder in a Cancer Hospital
Michi Fu, PhD, Alliant International University–Los Angeles. I Need to Purchase a Third House—Managing Panic Attacks
Brittany R. Bacorn, AA, Penn State University, Beaver. Does Social Media Use Increase Severity of OCD During the Pandemic?
Yi-An L. Burleson, PhD, MA, Penn State University, Beaver. The Relationships Between Panic Attacks, Sleep, and Eating

Friday, August 5th, 2022

Symposium 2.0: Mental Health Crisis and the COVID-19 Pandemic—The Crucial Role of Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

Time: 9:00–9:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 102E  
Division: 29
Chair: Nicole Owings-Fonner, MA, APA
Participants: Kathleen Lysell, PsyD, Independent Practice, Lakeway, TX. Measurement-Based Care as an Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology
Kimberly Hepner, PhD, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA. Disseminating Best Practices in MBC—The Role of an MBC Professional Practice Guideline
Amber W. Childs, PhD, Yale University. Application of MBC in Psychiatrically High-Risk Group-Based Setting
Kari Stephens, PhD, University of Washington. Resources for Implementing Measurement-Based Care

Symposium 2.0: Effective Therapeutic Practice with Low-SES Indigenous and Rural White Populations—New Data

Time: 10:00–10:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level Two, Room 208D
Divisions: 29, 18
Chair: Louise Douce, PhD, Ohio State University
Participants: Linda Campbell, PhD, University of Georgia. The Context of the Problem, Barriers, and Cultural Competence
Iva Greywolf, PhD, Independent Practice, Roseberg, OR. Clinical Experiences With Alaska Native Populations
Emily Selby-Nelson, PsyD, Cabin Creek Health Systems, Charleston, WV. Clinical Experiences With Rural, White Populations
Susan S. Woodhouse, PhD, Lehigh University. Effective Therapist Characteristics With Indigenous Peoples and Low-SES, Rural, White Populations
Christianne Connelly, PhD, Lehigh University, Sara Beachy, MS. Experiences in Conducting the Interviews as Rural-Identified Students

Symposium 2.0: Addressing Microaggressions and Racist Comments in Psychotherapy

Time: 12:00–12:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Ballroom B (Featured Stage)
Divisions: 29, 45
Chair: Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD, George Washington University
Participants: Michelle Joaquin, PsyD, MA, USC Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Should We Address Client’s Racist Remarks in Psychotherapy?
Daniel J. Gaztambide, PsyD, The New School for Social Research. Moving Up and “Putting Down”—Microaggressions as a Royal Road to the Social Unconscious
Minsun Lee, PhD, Seton Hall University. Therapists’ Experiences of Addressing Clients’ Racism—Challenges and Lessons Learned

Presidential Address – Helping Skills Training

Time: 3:00–3:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level Two, Room 200F
Division: 29

Awards Ceremony

Time: 4:00–4:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level Two, Room 200F
Division: 29

Symposium 2.0: Buddhist Psychotherapy—Theoretical Bases of Mindfulness

Time: 5:00–5:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 101D   
Divisions: 29, 36
Chair: Debra M. Kawahara, PhD, Alliant International University San Diego
Participants: Liang M. Tien, PhD, Alliant International University San Diego. Mindfulness and Meditation—Theory and Cultural Roots of Buddhist Psychotherapy
Kin C. Lee, PhD, University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong. Introduction to Buddhist Psychotherapy Skills and Techniques

SfAP Division 29 Social Hour!

Time: 5:15–7:15pm
Location: St. Thomas University – Terrence Murphy Hall Atrium
Enter at the southwest corner of 10th St. and LaSalle Ave.

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Symposium 2.0: Advancing Psychotherapy Relevance—Colonization, Coloniality and Decolonization

Time: 8:00–8:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 101D    
Divisions: 29, 45
Chair: Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD, George Washington University
Participants: Daniel J. Gaztambide, PsyD, The New School for Social Research. Racism in Puerto Rico Across Empires—Clinical and Theoretical Implications
Jaime E. Inclan, PhD, New York University School of Medicine. Decolonizing Psychotherapy—Integrating Holistic Epistemology and Environment Into Psychotherapy
Dinelia Rosa, PhD, Teachers College, Columbia University. Colonialism and Inner States
Sonia Cepeda-Hernandez, PhD, Albizu Clinic. Structural and Internalized Colonization Puerto Rico—Psychotherapeutic Approaches

Symposium 2.0: Was That a Microaggression? Examining Client- and Therapist-Initiated Microaggressions in Therapy

Time: 9:00–9:50am
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Room 102A
Divisions: 29, 12, 45, APA of Graduate Students
Chair: Dennis M. Kivlighan Iii, PhD, University of Iowa
Participants: Kun Wang, MS, Christopher Anders, PhD, Interconnections Healing Center, Seattle, WA, Yu Chak S. Ho, PhD, Yunkyoung Loh Garrision, PhD, University of Iowa, Dennis M. Kivlighan Iii, PhD. Asian International Psychotherapists’ Experiences of Clients’ Microaggression in Therapy
Yifat G. Levenstein, BS, Karen W. Tao, PhD, University of Utah. Should I Say Something? Therapist Experiences of Client-Initiated Microaggressions in Psychotherapy
Madeline Hunsicker, MA, Christopher Anders, PhD, Dennis M. Kivlighan Iii, PhD, University of Iowa. Therapist Ability to Identify Microaggressions Toward Transgender and Nonbinary Clients in Therapy
Emma G. Foster, MA, Joanna M. Drinane, PhD, University of Utah. Anti-Racism in Therapy? White Psychotherapists Responses to Racist White Clients

Poster Sessions

Time: 2:00–2:50pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center, Level One, Exhibit Halls BCD

The Client’s Expectation of Therapist Support and Challenge and Treatment Outcome
Kun Wang, MS, Halin Chung, MA, Shannon Stuart-Maver, MA, Barry A. Schreier, PhD, Patrick Galligan, PhD, Holly Davis, PhD, D.Martin Kivlighan Iii, PhD, University of Iowa

Working With Chinese Clients’ Emotions—Understanding Cultural Differences and Clinical Implications
Yuye Zhang, PhD, Ball State University, Lawrence H. Gerstein, PhD

The Impact of Therapist Personal Characteristics and Technique Usage on Alliance and Session Depth
Christy L. Jarrard, BS, Sabina Widner, PhD, Aaron Johnson, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Michelle B. Stein, PhD, Hana Perkey, BS, Jenelle Slavin-Mulford, PhD, Augusta University

Waiting Lists for Psychotherapy and Provider Attitudes Toward Low-Intensity Interventions
Allison Peipert, BS, Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces, PhD, Indiana University Bloomington

In Most Cases—A Qualitative Investigation of Psychotherapists’ Abortion Attitudes
Caroline Klessig, Rachel L. Dyer, MS, Taylor P. Teasdale, BS, BS, Isabelle J. Weber, Stephanie Budge, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Content Analysis of Research Focused on the Experiences of Marginalized Psychotherapists
Christian N. Adames, MA, BA, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, James D. Goates, MEd, MA

A Critical Content Analysis of Psychotherapy Articles Centering Black People
Ryan C. Schooley, MEd, Sade Prithwie, BS, Alexis Upshaw, BS, Debbiesiu L. Lee, PhD, University of Miami

Clinicians’ Impressions on the Implementation of a Clinical Databank—A Qualitative Study
Gabrielle Riopel, BS, Raphaëlle Merlo, BS, Tania Lecomte, PhD, Catherine-Marie Vanasse, PhD, Bruno Gauthier, PhD, Simon Grenier, PhD, Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada

Multicultural Orientation and Deliberate Practice—Case Study of Multicultural Training
Courtney F. Agorsor, MS, Mackenzie Jessen, MA, University of Iowa, Rayna Narvaez, MA, Sara Heshmati, BS, Martin Kivlighan, PhD, University of Denver, Jesse Owen, PhD

Internalized Shame—Does It Mediate Attachment and Perceived Counseling Self-Efficacy?
Yi Liu, MEd, MA, Yifei Du, MA, Eliana Chapman, MA, Katie Lukas, BA, Olivia Rosner, BA, Razzan Quran, MS, Cheri Marmarosh, PhD, Paul M. Gedo, PhD, Sarah L. Hedlund, PhD, Stacey Dershewitz, PsyD, JD, George Washington University

Resources for Training in a Community-Based Treatment Program for First-Episode-Psychosis in Chile
Chris Kang, BA, Tanya Mehdizadeh, MA, Dung Hoang, BS, New York University, Phuongthao D. Le, PhD, MPH, Lawrence H. Yang, PhD, New York University

Effectiveness of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for the Treatment of PTSD and Comorbid Symptoms
Juliana R. Millán-Torres, PsyD, Hennepin Healthcare System, Minneapolis, MN, Adrine Maresco, PsyD

Examining Self-Efficacy as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Anxiety and Experiential Avoidance
Rebecca Michel, BS, Maria Difonte, MA, Elaine Ruiz, MA, Ellen Flannery-Schroeder, PhD, University of Rhode Island

Early Change Trajectories and Recovery Outcomes
Kristina Pidvirny, BA, Sakura Ito, BS, University of Denver, Matteo Bugatti, PhD, Sin-Ying Lin, MA, Dina Vivian, PhD, Stony Brook University

Advantage of Adding an Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) RN To IBH Model of Care in Small Primary
Bonnie J. Betts, PsyD, MS, Lisa R. Hardesty, PhD, Cassandra L. Ellis, BS, Mayo Clinic Health System – Mankato, Mankato, MN

Telepsychology in Psychotherapy—Outcomes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Brian E. Mccabe, PhD, Colin Freeland, MS, Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia, PhD, Robert J. Reese, PhD, Auburn University

Effectiveness of Suicide Prevention Training for Counseling Psychology Trainees
Mj Mignogna, MS, Dan Fernholtz, MA, Ashley Sovereign, PsyD, Ann Schissel, PhD, Kathryn A. Labore, PhD, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Pathological Healthful Eating—A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Orthorexia Nervosa
Luke E. Steinman, MA, Sarah S. Schaller, BA, Thomas Dunn, PhD, Katlyn Frey, BA, Jessie Johnston, MA, University of Northern Colorado

Combating Burnout in Medical Training—Piloting an In-House Student Mental Health Clinic
Maryanne Reilly-Spong, PhD, Wiliam S. Slattery, PhD, Michael H. Kim, MD, University of Minnesota

Survey of Therapist Needs Prior to COVID-19 and During COVID-19
Patricia T. Spangler, PhD, Independent Practice, Oakland, CA, Barbara Vivino, PhD, Barbara Thompson, PhD, University of Maryland, Justin Hillman, MS, Jacob Wolf, MEd, University of Maryland, Clara Hill, PhD

A Year in Telesupervision—Supervision Alliance and Trainee Perception
Lindsay A. Phillips, PsyD, Gabriel Rivera, MA, Katelyn Vala, MA, Bertnie Jeanniton, MA, Tyana Ruiz, MA, Marywood University

Telemental Health and Veterans
Jean M. Birbilis, PhD, North Dakota State Hospital, Jamestown, ND, Cora E. Courage, PsyD

Virtual Poster Session – On Demand

Examining the Roles of Goal, Task, and Bond in Therapeutic Alliance Ruptures
Allan A. Dimmick, MS, BS, Clifton E. Watkins, PhD, Jennifer L. Callahan, PhD, University of North Texas

A Qualitative Approach to Peer and Faculty Mentorship in the Face of Crisis
Alexandra Heinle, MA, BA, Erin Vogel, MA, BA, Amber Nelson, PsyD, George Fox University

The Effect of Narrative Therapy in Treating Depressive Symptoms—A Meta-Analysis
Kehan Shen, MS, MEd, University of Kansas

What Therapist Disengagement Tells Us About Patient Personality and Interpersonal Style
Katarina A. Stephenson, BS, Shannon Mcintyre, PhD, Antioch University New England

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