Author Bio

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate at Palo Alto University. I was born and raised in France. I moved to the United States to attend Smith College to pursue a BA in psychology and English literature. At Smith, I worked as a research assistant studying trauma. After graduating, I worked in the research department at PatientsLikeMe in Massachusetts creating online mental health resources before moving to the Bay Area to attend graduate school. I am interested in working with queer and gender nonconforming adults to provide affirming care and support that empowers clients. I am specifically interested in using identities and culture as means to identify values and integrate compassion to help clients reach their therapy goals. My current research interests include intolerance of uncertainty and how it maintains depression. After graduating, I hope to create meaningful and accessible resources for LGBTQIA+ young adults. In my free time, I am either camping with my dog, eating my way through San Francisco, or watching movies with some hot coco.

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