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SAP Contingent to Present at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Paris

Under the leadership of the 2016 presidential trio, Dr. Rodney Goodyear, then Past-President, Dr. Armand Cerbone, then President, and Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, then President-Elect, SAP International Affairs Domain (then International Task Force) pursued an active international agenda. To increase our visibility internationally, SAP became an organizational member of the World Congress for Psychotherapy (WCP). With strong support from our members, a SAP conference program was developed that reflected Dr. Zimmerman’s presidential theme of “Bringing Psychotherapy to Underserved Communities.” This SAP presidential program enjoys strong support from members and the leadership of the Society and will be presented at 8th WCP Annual Convention July 24-28, 2017, in Paris, France. WCP recognizes SAP as an independent organization and designates 5 two-hour sessions for the 5 symposia clearly marked as part of the SAP program. Here are the information on these five symposia.

1) Presidential Symposium: Bringing Psychotherapy to Underserved Communities: Research, Approaches and the Future

  • Chair: Jeffrey Zimmerman
  • Participants: Jeffrey Barnett, Changming Duan, Libby Williams and Jairo Fuertes, Susan Woodhouse, and Hamid Mirsalimi.

2) Reconstructuring and Localizing: Psychotherapy Practice in China

  • Chair: Changming Duan
  • Participants: Guangrong Jiang and Changming Duan, Mingyi Qian, Xiaoming Jia, MaoZhao Chen, and Patrick Leung.

3) Competence and Expertise in Psychotherapy

  • Chair: Rod Goodyear
  • Participants: Bruce Wampold, Terrence Tracey, Rod Goodyear, Jim Lichtenberg, Carol Falender and Maria del Pilar Grazioso.

4) Strength and Resource Based Practice of Psychotherapy

  • Chair: Stuart Bassman
  • Participants: Michael J. Scheel and Collie W. Conoley, Alex (Sasha) Palecek, Stuart Bassman, and Dennis M. Kivlighan.

5) Ensuring Therapeutic Effectiveness: Professional and Clinical Issues in psychotherapy

  • Chair: Frederick Leong
  • Participants: Esther Hess, Hideko Sera and Shahar Globerman, Heidi J. Koehler, Martin E. Keller, William Boyd and Frederick Leong.

Along with these symposia, SAP has also been planning a presidential reception (place and time to be announced) to welcome all SAP members as well as international colleagues at the conference. If you are going to attend WCP, you are invited!

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