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Psychotherapy Bulletin

Introduction to the New Section

International Perspectives on Psychotherapy

Dear Colleagues and Friends, I am pleased to share with you a new collaboration proposal for the Psychotherapy Bulletin, the section will be named “International Perspectives on Psychotherapy”. This section will aim to know how psychotherapeutic models and techniques are understood, applied, and developed in different regions of the world, described by three authors from three countries at the same time.

This idea is the product of the collegiate work of the Standing Committee of International Affairs of the SAP that seeks strategies and proposals for the interaction between psychotherapists and particularly the exchange of ideas that allow us to advance in scientific and creative proposals in the professional practice of psychotherapy, from multicultural perspectives.

We know that doing psychotherapy, in the different corners of the planet, not only depends on excellent training and accreditation of skills and knowledge, but it also depends on legal issues, cultural issues and even technological issues. In addition, in this increasingly small, multicultural, and polyglot world, ideas and challenges are shared more quickly and interest us all. That is why this project has the spirit of sharing, with that global vision, how and why we do psychotherapy in this way.

It is an ambitious project to have three specialists in psychotherapy, from three different cultures, describe to us what it means to do a specific form of psychotherapy, how it is perceived from the public, the scientific, the professional; specifically, what we want is that both you and us share the experience of knowing three perspectives of what, we assume, is the same.

We hope that this proposal is of interest to you and that it really contributes to a more global understanding of psychotherapy, and above all, that it gives you new ideas on how to improve the services you offer

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Padilla-López, A. (2021). Introduction to the new section: International perspectives on psychotherapy. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 56(1), 7.



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