Meeting the Need to Connect

In these times of the pandemic, the way we live our lives has changed drastically.  As therapists, the interpersonal connections that we need beyond seeing our clients, such as chatting with our suite mates a few times a day or attending a day long training or a multi-day conference, are not as available to us.

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy offers many opportunities to connect with other professionals who have similar interests.  Did you know there were 8 “Domains” in our Division – each representing an important element of our Mission:  Diversity, Early Career, Education and Training, International, Membership, Professional Practice, Science and Scholarship, and Social Justice and Public Policy?

Each one of these domains has a Committee that meets regularly where important work and projects are undertaken.  As a committee member, you have an opportunity not only to work on current projects, but also help create new and important projects to make our contribution to psychotherapy even better.  Some examples of ongoing committee projects include a study and survey on what therapists need to be effective practitioners, a video series on practice related topics such as setting fees, and developing a conference to bring together research on low-income and/or economically marginalized constituencies.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of being on a committee is the opportunity to get to know and work with other professionals who share similar interests.  Many of the committee members I have spoken to over the past few months have talked about how valuable it is to have a place to share their personal and professional experiences as we all negotiate this new and often troubling world.

As an added ‘extra’, being a part of a committee also helps you practice leadership skills and often becomes an entrée into participation in the divisions’ governing board through appointments (Committee Chairs) or elections (Domain Representatives, and Governing Body).

To find out more about what the various Committees are doing now and how you might become a member, contact one of the Committee Chairs or Domain Representatives members are always welcome and appreciated!

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