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Psychotherapists Face-to-Face with Dr. Hanna Levenson

Internet Editor’s Note: Psychotherapists Face-to-Face is a series presented by the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Division 29 of the American Psychological Association, featuring leading psychotherapists in the field of psychotherapy. Each interview provides a revealing personal portrait of how the leaders in psychotherapy think, practice, and view the field.

Dr. Levenson talks about her transition from personality and social psychology to clinical psychology, her use of video recording in psychotherapy and supervision, her clinical work as couples counselor, advice to new therapists, and how teaching energizes her.

Hanna Levenson, Ph.D.

Dr. Levenson is an expert in time-limited dynamic, emotionally-focused, relational psychotherapy. She is a faculty member at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, and maintains a private practice in Oakland and San Francisco. She’s authored numerous books on time-limited dynamic psychotherapy.

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